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    Only active at certain times/places

    Tommy Latimer · 0 · Posted

    Have it only active at certain times, or in certain places, or on certain Wi-Fi SSID's. That way, in case someone else uses your computer, they won't see your notifications.

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    Allow persistent notification for podcast players to not show pop up

    merc · 0 · Posted

    Some apps like Beyondpod frequently updates itself to show # of minutes remaining in the podcast. The pop up notifications on desktop become a bit too much. But the player control is still very convenient.

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    Add an option to make some notifications from Join stay on the screen until dismissed.

    Kristian · 0 · Posted

    Some Chrome notifications from YouTube and more won't leave the screen until dismissed. I'd like an option to do this for notifications regarding SMS.

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    Single "Chrome" Device

    Jake 192 · 0 · Posted

    I use Join on Chrome via my university remote Windows server. The server is setup such that all data is wiped after each logoff. This causes Join to register a new Chrome device for every time I login to the remote server. For example, after 3 individual logins the Join device list contains 3 Chrome "devices", but the first two no longer exist.

    Is there a way to combine all Chrome logins as one device within Join? As an example, with ChromeIPass, it prompts the user to give a device name, and if it matches an existing device, it prompts to overwrite.

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    Option to Hide Specific or all Groups

    abcdef · 0 · Posted

    I don't generally use the groups, and have many devices. I would like to have the option to hide/show groups from the Chrome and Android App settings.

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    Option to only use data connection, when connected to specific Wifi.

    Adam Pine · 0 · Posted

    The reason for this being that my college's network seems to block the google messages API, so the app can't update on my laptop, if i'm on my college wifi, so it would be nice to be able to blacklist that wifi, so that if I am on it, the app will use data, instead of wifi for that wifi network only, so I don't have to turn on and off my wifi based on my location. 

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    Timestamps of File Transfered in App.

    C S · 0 · Posted

    Would love to see a date and timestamp in the list of Files and Pushes that I send between devices in the app. Would let me know at a glance if I sent the latest doc to my tablet today, yesterday, a week ago.Right now I can see that I sent a file, but no idea if I did it a week ago or yesterday.

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    group messages in JOIN

    민제 조 · 0 · Posted

    I often send group messages. However, join do not support it (although i can enter the numbers one by one). I'd like to support group messaging by adding saved numbers. I hope this will be a priority.