Keep Join Joining

I have mentioned a few ideas here.


The number one idea is to keep Join joining.   Keep joining devices.  Keep joining apps, software and functionality.  Dont pigeon hole Join by looking for propriety.  Google did that with the google assistant.   Google home is great for someone who wants an out of the box proprietary stand alone home automation assistant.  Myself, I am looking for a more flexible, customizable, expandable system to link all my devices.   I mentioned Braina in a previous idea, it is powerful, and I gladly paid for it.  But google assistant is more powerful, yet not as customisable.  Google assistant is not available as a stand alone software.  Braina is customisable and expandable.   I can build my own circuits and control them with Braina, I can control nearly any commercially available home automation device with Braina.   Google pigeon holed its superior product and forced my business elsewhere.  Chrome Remote Desktop, Vysor and Netflix were also mentioned in previous ideas for integrating.   Both those products are Joining pcs and androids better than any of their direct competitors.   Integrating with products like that can only help to make Join more versatile and desirable.


Integration and universality.   Thats the key to success and longevity.   Not propriety.   Join as many devices and apps and extensions and programs and platforms as you can.   


some of the other ideas I read posted here suggested integration patches or plug-ins for a nominal $1.    Id pay a buck to integrate a powerful tool like Join with another powerful tool.  


especially when after a couple of bucks to integrate a few key products, I be livin the Tony Stark experience...  Mr. Mark Zuckerberg spent 100hours building and configuring his Jarvis.   I spent about 30 hours, about two hundred bucks on software (10% of which was for a voice), a couple smart light switches and plug, and my Jarvis already compares.  because of lack of propriety.  products like Glance Clock, Bonjour, Pillo, Gnome garden will not last, theyre one trick ponies.  But if they integrated with something bigger like Join that gave users access to that one-trick over all their devices, seamlessly...   and then integrated that with a voice assistant, and integrated that with a powerful personal computer, and integrated that with your other smart home devices....  getting notifications about soil conditions in your garden and reminders about your medications, and a pleasant wakeup and and and and..  across all your devices...  seamlessly...  everything Joined...  thats the future.   I want to Join the future...