integration with Braina my AI personal assistant

Join's Built in voice control is pretty cool. 


Unfortunately, I already use a really cool voice recognition AI personal assistant that controls my whole PC, and is  fully customisable from custom commands to custom replies to mimicking keystrokes.   His name is Jarvis.  :P    the software is called Braina, but I customised the name, and the voice.   It is very powerful software.  The customisation options allow for nearly limitless configurations and the possibility to control every electronic device in my home. 


with enough tinkering around setting up custom commands to call commands in join could be done.  however, product integration would make both products that much more useful and desireable.


Integration could be as simple as a plug-in for Braina with preset commands (a list of which y'all already have, having your own voice interface) and actions to execute to perform Join functions.   Braina stores the custom command data in one convenient registry key.  easy plug-in.


and as I mentioned, voice options for Join are pretty cool.  But I only have one microphone per PC and it is already listening for Braina commands.  Running Join voice crashes Braina voice recognition.  and only one app at a time may access the mic.