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    Add MQTT support to Autoremote

    Richard Miles · 0 · Posted

     Please consider adding MQTT or some other messaging protocol ( capability to AutoRemote. This would open up a world of inter-operability between Tasker and many things. Users could install a broker such as RabbitMQ ( and have many different ways of sending and receiving messages to / from Tasker via AutoRemote.  Going this route takes you to an open standard for messaging that runs on virtually every platform out there.

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    Remove "Reply Directly" priority on chrome action buttons

    Double Jumper · 0 · Posted

    With the "Dismiss anywhere" option disabled, when there's a notification with 3 or more action buttons, the chrome extension groups all action buttons in the first slot, and the second is used as a direct access to the first action button. Except that when the Reply Directly functionality is available, that's treated as the first action button.

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    Make Receiving sms text color black

    Charlie Wu · 0 · Posted

    Currently, the Background Color for Receiving SMS texts is lighter than regular background color. Having a white text on the lighter background makes the text hard to read.

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    More Emoji Support To & From and Better Images - Chrome App

    Kevin Still · 2 · Last reply by Kevin Still

    Currently you get black boxes when you receive emoji's. You can send  them via the Chrome app now but they looks dull. Can we someone grab all the Android one's and use the actual emoji's and have them show up correctly on send and receive? 

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    add contacts from chrome extension

    Soulmutts Toronto · 0 · Posted

    Another feature i love in my sms, you can right click a new number and save them as a contact and it will update the contact on the phone.

    Please add this feature I have dumped mysms for you and have 2 paid accounts and this feature and search are CRITICAL 

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    Display who sent the MMS rather than the entire member of the group for each message

    Joe B · 0 · Posted

    When in an MMS chat, the name above the message should be the person who sent the message rather than all the members if the MMS group. For instance, on the Textra messaging app on the phone, the name is displayed for the person who sent the message

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    Improved notification options for messenging services (eg whatsapp)

    Eternalcakes · 0 · Posted

    Several key features could be added: 

    1. Expandable/collapsible notifications
    2. Accounting for old messages
    3. Accounting for repeat messages within x minutes. 

    1 and 2 kind of go together, and would emulate current android notification systems. On android, using WhatsApp as an example: WhatsApp can show, "You have x messages from y conversations" and under that, lists the first line of each conversation, up to 4 conversations. 

    On Join currently, all messages are notified when the notification is 'refreshed'. Eg. Imagine I have A and B with unread messages. When C messages me with their first message, A and B both pop up

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    Chrome Addon: Allow to drag&drop files to a specific device

    Nicolai · 0 · Posted

    It would be nice if I could change the device that receives a file by hovering over it. (currently everything goes to the selected device)

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    Add an option in the Chrome extension to change font size.

    Wobbud · 0 · Posted

    The fonts in the Chrome extension popup are huge. It would be nice if there were options to change the font site for menu options, notifications, SMS messages etc.

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    Notification persistence

    Jeffreykarlan · 1 · Last reply by Jeffreykarlan

    Absolutely love the Autoremote ability to make notifications persistent, then cancel them later through another notification.

    Makes excellent alerts for smart home status

    Ex.Leak Sensor in home wet -> Universal Devices ISY -> Join Notification API -> Notification on all devices

    Leak Sensor in home Dry -> Universal Devices ISY -> Join Notification API -> Notification on all devices cancel

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    option to show battery notifications only on devices in the same wifi

    Andy F · 0 · Posted

    e.g. i don't need a notification that my tablet at home has a low battery while i'm in another country.

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    Delete pushes via web interface and more

    João Soares · 0 · Posted

    I'm trying to ditch Pushbullet and Join seems like a great alternative, however there are some things that are still binding me to Pushbullet.

    1 - The ability to delete pushes via web interface (extension). I can view the full push history of a device (which is great) but if I was able to delete individual pushes like I can in the mobile version, that would be great.

    2 - - This does not seem to work 100%, some pushes are still lost when sending them to an offline device.

    3 - Sometimes when deleting (swiping) a push using

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    Allow texting via Google voice

    Stanley Fujimoto · 0 · Posted

    I often use the web interface for Google voice to text, it would be extra convenient if Google voice texting integration was possible so that all messaging is in one place.

    I understand if this isn't possible or a low priority, just thought it'd be cool.

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    Mute notifications for a certain amount of time for one of your devices.

    Franklin Ramos · 0 · Posted

    Feature request: an option to mute notifications from a device. My use case is that when I'm on my tablet, and part of a group text on my phone, I would be bombarded with notifications on my tablet because Join sends a notification each time. Silencing the service for a certain time should be ideal here. For now, my workaround involves intercepting notifications on my tablet and ignoring them - that, or just silence the notification on my phone.

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    Simplify onboarding process by offering to clone or optionally replace existing device

    Anthony Plummer · 0 · Posted

    When setting up the Chrome extension or Android device (sorry, have no Windows to know if this would work there), offer to clone settings from an existing device of the same type in the new one and optionally offer to delete/replace the device being cloned from.

    This would allow a user to easily migrate devices (phone or computer replacements/upgrades) while also providing the user with a backup of all settings for each device type.

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    Join app flaws

    Karunelli Srinivasan · 0 · Posted
    1) The JOIN mobile app is not having the Call Log option. From mobile app how can i access the call log of my another mobile with same login.   2) The chrome extension can be bit more intuitive. The below snapshot is from my chrome. It has at the top 3 menu's. I have two suggestions here.            a) The SMS and Phone log should be separated for easy access            b) When i choose a particular device from the list of devices and then go to SMS tab at top
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    Mute conversations

    Miguel · 0 · Posted

    I'm in a few very active MMS group that I normally mute on my android phone app. I would love for Join to gain the ability to mute conversations through the chrome extension!

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    More permission options

    Mark Jackson · 0 · Posted

    I would like to be able to use the join chrome extension on a computer accessible to other people for the purpose of pushing links on my phone to the computer.  My request is that there be a permissions setting so i can prevent access to my sms's from this computer.

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    SEARCH, Refresh and initiate, please.

    Kristin · 0 · Posted

    When I open join, it would be so great to be able to search for a name or number in my text history/log.  This is a feature available in all of the other SMS apps I've used, and I really miss it in join.  This allows me to easily find a text that may not be at the top of my list so I can read and/or initiate a new text. This is the biggest barrier I have to continuing to use join.

    It would also be great to be able to easily refresh my feed while in a device

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    Christopher Kerzel · 1 · Last reply by João Dias

    Am just getting to know Join and would like to know if you can search for text contacts on the PC? MySMS has this function and I miss it on Join...