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    Handled pushes. Pushes that need no user intervention

    fakuivan · 0 · Posted

    Add an input parameter to the "Join Received Push" plugin event to block the pushed message from generating a notification on Android. This can be pretty useful if you want to create commands that can be queried from Chrome (a "Get battery level" command for example) and are handled automatically by Tasker or Automate, these need no user intervention, so notifications are unnecessary. 

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    Show persistant Notifications in Join Window, but block the popup.

    Jordan Jorgensen · 0 · Posted

    Media notifications would be nice to have access to, but they pop up a lot and get in the way. I also have an app that tracks my bluetooth headphone battery level. The info would be nice to have, but it pops up every time the battery level changes.

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    sync phone folders between devices.

    Delta the Wolf · 0 · Posted

    I would like to be able to sync folders to my drive automatically from join. like how apple does with icloud.

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    user apps and system apps

    Karthik Chandra · 0 · Posted

    Need Separation of User Apps and System Apps.

    Reason: Many People don't know the system apps what for they are used.

    Next Need an option to select all user apps or system apps

    Reason: For Quick Selection.

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    Notification that everything is connected and working

    Joel Levine · 0 · Posted

    I think it would be a good idea to have some sort of notification sent to the phone when your PC is booted up that all is connected and working properly.

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    Ability to send request to devices in the LAN

    Steph Sven · 0 · Posted

    It would be great if we could use a local IP (eg 192.168.x.x:port) instead of URL to send messages with Join API.

    Very usefull in a home automation system to control for instance an Android TV box.


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    App Hangs when "wifis" in notifications is opened.!

    Karthik Chandra · 1 · Last reply by João Dias

    When i open the Settings>>Notifications>>wifis., then the app hangs and doesn't respond at all.

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    Ability to decrypt push titles on Android.

    Ricky Brent · 0 · Posted

    I noticed while playing with encrypted pushes that while Chrome will decrypt an encrypted push title, but android will 'only' decrypt the push text, url, sms number and text, clipboard, file, files, and wallpaper (whew... that hardly feels like an only, but still!)

    Hopefully it'd be an easy fix, too.

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    Ability to access files in each device connected to Join just like accessing files from FTP server.

    Vysakh P · 0 · Posted

    Remote access to files in each device from other devices connected to Join. The idea is something similar to an FTP server with anonymous access with read and write access. Files may be accessed via a browser based file manager type interface. 

    Also the idea can be extended further by letting anyone to access the device via a URL and logging in using proper credentials for total control of the device.

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    Ability to control tasker tasks remotely

    Brophen Brophen · 0 · Posted

    Maybe we could have an "Other Devices" tab in Tasker that allows us to turn off/on tasks on remote devices, or create new ones.

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    Dropbox Support

    James Rowe · 2 · Last reply by James Rowe

    Would love to be given the option of using Dropbox as the cloud storage provider instead of Google Drive. Based on individual user priority. Some users may not wish to store all of their MMS and SMS data, as well as pushes to Google Drive.

    This is an incredibly useful application but sadly, due to the lack of this option, and due to the way Google Drive handles photos, even ones that do not end in a photo file format, I had to remove it.

    Would love to see this kind of flexibility for the sake of choice, control over

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    Filter to select notifications apps

    Alexandre WURTZ · 0 · Posted


    I like to receive all the news in one point and thus to be able to manage them. My phone is configured so that it receives only the most important notification, and I would like to retransmit everything to my computer. But actually it is difficult to find an application in the huge list of "notification apps" that includes system apps. It would be interesting to add a filter system to sort the list. For example to separate system applications and applications installed by the user, or organized by date of installation. I would also like to be able

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    Upon refresh notifications in Chrome, gather API notifications that haven't been dismissed yet

    Justin W. · 0 · Posted

    API notifications come to my phone and to the Chrome extension. However, when refreshing from Chrome, the existing API notifications do not display. Only the non-API notifications are gathered from the phone. 

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    Chat history from certain apps a la SMS

    Kevin Duke · 0 · Posted

    I love the SMS chat history and would love to see it for other apps like FB messenger, Hangouts, etc

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    Call forwarding from phone to PC

    Kevin Duke · 0 · Posted

    I would love to be able to call from my computer and use my computer's headset/mic to talk to the other party. The chrome extension does not allow me to hear the call on my headset or use my mic, but this would be a KILLER feature because holding a phone while on the computer is very difficult! ..and I'm using the Windows app not the chrome app.

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    Sync theme between the chrome app/web and phone

    Benjamin Patino · 0 · Posted

    Allow an option to sync the theme selection between the phone and Chrome

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    Chrome > Right click on number phone > Send a SMS

    ico7liv · 0 · Posted

    On chrome, when you right click on a number phone, there is Join sub-menu with lot of options. But no SEND A SMS, with the chrome extension. It should.

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    Limit number of conversations to display in SMS View

    jet · 0 · Posted

    I have hundreds of conversations in my SMS view and I notice that loading that list takes a while. Can you implement a way to limit the number of conversations to display in the SMS thread list view? I think this is already available in the conversation view of a specific contact.

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    jet · 0 · Posted
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    Contrast issues - your use of black/white/grey text is less than ideal on all Themes for some eyes.

    Mark B · 0 · Posted

    Need high contrast or ability to use just black, or just white text. Position indicates whether it is sender or receiver. Would like choice of one color of text.