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    On Android, add the option to display notifications from my phone on my tablet, without the content of the SMS in the notification, like on Windows.

    Joshua Tretakoff · 0 · Posted

    When using an Android powered tablet that has Join on it, the SMS notification always has the content in it. This can be troublesome in a work environment. Instead, it would be wonderful to have the option to get a notification an SMS has come in without the content of the message. This is an option on Windows 10; love to see it extended to Android.

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    Local WiFi Join, without Internet

    Rahul Punyani · 0 · Posted


    I think a Local WiFi connection without internet for Join will be very practical and useful...

    I think there's a heavy use of join to connect devices which are not on us, but still within reach.

    Like, mirroring notifications to PC, when my phone is in other room. Or sending file to multiple devices while working on a project. And getting it in few secs or getting notified of incoming calls or SMS.

    I think a Local WiFi without internet connection can be perfect for such use. As data won't be send to external servers, So no doubt about

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    Copy and paste pictures with clipboard

    Olivier La Haye · 0 · Posted

    The title says it all.

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    "LINE Lite" Apps Notification

    Atsushi · 0 · Posted

    I use an application called LINE Lite, but although I get notifications, I can not select options (Reply / Mute) for notifications. I am pleased that you can consider Join's functional extension so that it can be selected. ・Reply Directly ・Mute Chat

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    No SMS Preview Screen

    Scott Charles Arnson · 0 · Posted

    IN the chrome browser, it extends all the way accross my 26 inch screen - there is no preview screen, which is a more typical format, with the contacts of the recent messages on the left, and the preview screen on the right, so I could just click on a contact on the left from recent message contacts, and see the recent text history on the right. Currently, I have to click "into" each recent contact to see recent texts, and then bounce back out, and in and out

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    Add encryption support for node-red/join communication

    Daniel Huber · 0 · Posted

    Withouth encryption support in node-red-contrib-join-joaoapps, node-red cannot be part of a join "network" which is using encryption. 

    So far I can't use node-red as a device, since I have setup encryption between all my devices. Just join for node-red seems not (yet?) to have this feature.

    Could we have encryption for node-red-contrib-join-joaoapps?



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    Excel, Word etc

    Travis Boone · 0 · Posted

    I just added an Excel spreadsheet from Chrome ext to sms via my phone as an attachment from my windows folder to my wife, there's nothing in the preview when I click to view image then it disappeared.

    She could see the Excel file on her phone and got it but doesn't show sent from my phone or in the ext for Chrome

    Is it possible to use the built-in chrome spreadsheet viewers or what not to see these as previews in the Chrome ext sms popup?

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    Make Join SMSes compatible with RCS (Samsung's advanced messaging).

    Francis Guindon · 1 · Last reply by João Dias

    We can only send SMS'es as of right now and I do not see RCS messages. Would be great if I could see them since it's impossible to conversate unless the other person sends me a SMS instead of an advanced message/RCS.


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    📲 clear rejected phone call notification

    thickdick · 0 · Posted

    Ignoring psychos is all the more upsetting when i can see that they tried calling via the rejection notification

    either clear based on number match or auto clear only it always

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    😧 filter k-9, clear notifications from those ppl

    thickdick · 0 · Posted

    k-9 is the MOST popular user installed email client for android, but it is missing client side filtering

    i want to clear notifications from people I'm ignoring so i don't have to see their bs... where server side filtering is not an option

    can these tasker plugins delete email from certain senders?

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    Ability to create a share action to send to sms

    Dorian Dechant · 0 · Posted

    I have the ability to send SMS messages from my tablet through my mobile phone. We also have the ability to create share targets through actions.

    I think it would be really handy to be able to create a share target on my tablet to send an SMS to a specific contact through my phone. It would be even cooler if you could select a specific contact when you chose to share through SMS (similar to the option my phone has).

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    Read and reply to messages by voice

    Corrado C. · 3 · Last reply by Sam Von neefe

    I'm using Join while driving, to transfer notifications (mainly SMS, whatsapp and telegram messages) from my phone to an Android head unit in my car, where I have another app that reads them aloud.

    I works, but it would be great if Join could have an option to read the notifications directly and, most of all, to give the option to send a direct reply to messages by voice too!

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    Clipboard based events

    if possible, it will be very useful if you'll add the ability do things on your computer based on clipboard (like Tasker triggers work) as JOIN already reacting to clipboard changes :) ie: if you copy a specific keyword send it to another device

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    Allow use of username/password in MQTT

    Ben Wern · 0 · Posted

    Right now, Join allows for username/password to be specified when using MQTT, but does not actually send it.

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    Under Review

    Support smart replies in "Reply" app from Google?

    Ben Bayes · 3 · Last reply by Pedro Caetano

    Is it possible to support the "Reply" app from Google, currently in closed Beta? This app adds smart replies to every messaging app. You can download it from APK Mirror: 

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    Sending file from mobile device to PC without Google Drive

    Vysakh P · 0 · Posted

    Hi João

    My organisation has blocked access to Google Drive. I can easily transfer files from my work PC to my mobile phone but not vice versa.

    I kindly request you to add the feature.

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    Use Join in a Gmail Add-On

    Connor Dobbins · 0 · Posted

    Be able to use basic Join functionality within a Gmail Add-On ( 

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    Interact with Android 8.0+ notification snooze options

    Kyle Beckman · 2 · Last reply by Kyle Beckman

    In Android 8.0 and up, there is the ability to slowly swipe a notification a little to the right or left and you get a clock icon that, when clicked, allows you to snooze that notification for 30, 60, or 120 minutes (I'm not 100% sure the times, this is just from memory). It would be nice if the notifications that show up in Join have these options too.

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    Password To Open SMS On Device

    Abdullah Ayub · 2 · Last reply by thickdick

    Password to open SMS on device. Why? Let's say my friend is using my PC/laptop to check his email or whatever... I suddenly receive an SMS on my phone which is then mirrored to my PC/laptop... Now, if my friend will click on the notification, he will see the message, and can even reply... which is "not' what I want... I want a feature.. in which there is a setting in Join so that one can enter a password whenever he/she receives SMS on his laptop/PC to open that SMS. Please implement it