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    Choosing What Clicking a Notification Does on a Per-Notification Basis

    Thatuserguy · 0 · Posted

    Currently if you tie a website to a notification app from the Chrome Extension, clicking it will only bring up the website on your computer. Not having an app tied to a website only opens it on your phone. For apps that have a website tied to them, it would be useful to be able to choose if clicking opens on the phone like standard, or opens the website you have tied to it

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    Franz Plugin

    Andreas Toth · 0 · Posted

    Please turn all or parts of Join into a Franz plugin (

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    Add Join's "Send now" or "Get/Send Notifications" to Tasker plugin

    Trost · 0 · Posted

    I'd absolutely love it, if I could execute "Send Now" (available in Join options) using Tasker plugin or "Send Notifications" (from device list) or "Get Notifications"

    In other words: I have already set up a way to enable and disable notification forwarding from my work tablet to personal phone (using tasker to toggle "Send Notifications"), now I wanna have a one-tap solution to fetch all of those missed notifications, while sending was off.

    Also: Love both of your apps, you're amazing 😘

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    Change Chrome Extension Icon in case notifications are muted

    Petr · 1 · Last reply by Trost


    it would be nice if the Join Chrome Extension Icon is changed in case notifications are muted.

    Thank you

    Best Regards


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    It would really be useful if the entire app would function over Bluetooth, like how it uses Wi-Fi

    justin whitlock · 0 · Posted

    I'm not always connected to Wi-Fi and I have several devices that don't have data so I'm not able to use it offline at all. And you make like the best apps so I have faith you can do it😉😁

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    Chrome extension icon show battery percentage

    Or Schiro · 1 · Last reply by Or Schiro

    Would love to see an option for the Chrome extension badge icon to show the current battery percentage status of my phone. 

    Anyone else up for it? :-)


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    Samsung Watch "Auto Wear" Integration.

    AJ · 1 · Last reply by João Dias

    I've been looking around to see if There was Samsung wear app to link into tasker. There is one, but it's really barebones. Im wondering if it is at all possible to integrate autowear into samsung line of watches. I've heard that you didn't want to about a year ago because if lack of client base and time. Im honestly just posting this to not only see if its possible now, but also to hopefully get a better look at the client base who would be interested in something like this.

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    Option to disable SMS sharing but keep call sharing

    Romit Heerani · 1 · Last reply by LeoBloom

    I would like to disable SMS sharing but keep call sharing on because I can get SMS from Android messages app on Chromebook.

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    Ability to share/read sms with Google Assistant/Home

    Chris Steele · 2 · Last reply by Chris Steele

    It seems like something Google Assistant/Home should be able to do by now but. I request being able to connect to Google Assistant/Home to read unread sms messages via text to speech.

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    No-toast setting or disable for low-priority notifications

    Brian Calderon · 0 · Posted

    Similar to this post, I found that Windows has an option to "suppress popups" for sending notifications without a toast directly to the action center. Looks like this might not be as easily done on macOS, unfortunately. I would rather have an option in the Windows app to either:

    Low Priority Notifications

    • Don't mirror
    • Send directly to Action Center
    • Show

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    Automatic timeout for "Join Send Push" Tasker action

    Brian Calderon · 0 · Posted

    Similar to the timeout in a notification sent by AutoNotification, this timeout setting would "pass on" the timeout to notifications created by the Tasker action "Join Send Push" so that they could all be dismissed for temporary notifications.

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    Add Secure Settings features to AutoTools Root

    Laural Hill · 0 · Posted

    At this point, I have to admit, either Tasker or AutoTools Root has these all covered, except for the ability to turn on/off secure unlock screen, disabling the camera, and changing the default Home Launcher. There's a few other things, but these are the ones I care most about.

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    Make 'note to self' notifications persistent on the notification shade.

    Raymon Pekson · 0 · Posted

    Prevent 'note to self' notifications from being cleared by clear all notifications button and device reset. 

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    Opera extension OR Chrome extension that supports "Install Chrome Extensions" (Opera ad-on).

    Big Boss · 0 · Posted


    I'm currently on Opera on my PC, it has a lot more feature compared to Chrome, so dont really want to go back.

    Chrome extensions wasnt a problem so far, Join Chrome ad-on was/is the only ad-on so fat that it had any problem.

    I can install, but Join doesnt work on Opera (doesnt see the devices, commands), even though I was able to install.

    Is there any plan for Opera extension? Or a way to develop the Chrome ad-on so that it would work with Opera's Chrome Install Extension" ?

    A lot other app has Opera extension like

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    Control phone with computer mouse

    Giannaros Antreas · 0 · Posted

    Will be nice to move devices mouse from pc and maybe add basic commands back home menu also like abjust sound volume mute since all devices are nicely connected, LANmote has a nice mouse control idea.

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    Open share menu after declining upload a screen capture video

    Moshe Siani · 0 · Posted


    Every time you finish screen capturing your device ask if you want to upload your file. If you decline nothing happens. So i thought maybe people will prefer to have the share menu open after they decline to upload the video. Or maybe to have only the share menu open.

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    Make a phone call from another smartphone

    gpuccio87 · 0 · Posted

    Can you add the feature to make a call from another smartphone? Like the "Make a phone call" from Chrome Extension. It could be useful for whom, like me, uses the first smartphone as a dashboard in car and want to make a phone call from the second smartphone.

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    Allow users to run their own Join server

    Mathew · 0 · Posted

    Not sure if this is feasible, but it could be a good way to keep operating costs down and allowing users more control if they were able to run their own server instance on a Linux VPS or the like?

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    Backup Clipboard to a google sheet?

    avrohomperl · 0 · Posted

    I'd love the ability to select that my clipboard contents be backed up somewhere like a google sheet.

    I'd select that it only be text that is backed up that is under a specific size.

    There are definitely some security concerns, but it would be good to have as an option.

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    Move clear-all button to top of desktop notification shade

    Adi Peshkess · 0 · Posted

    It would be nice if the button was at the top.

    Often times the notification shade on the desktop client expands so the bottom is off the screen. If the button was at the top, it would always be visible when clicking the extension button.