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    Blocked notifications not to appear when fetched by Web client

    Dimitrios K · 0 · Posted

    At the moment one can choose which applications will send a notification through the Join app on the phone. If you then try to pish the notifications, those that come from blocked apps will not get pushed to the computer.

    Non the less, if you try to fetch the notifications manually from the computer, all notifications will appear.

    Thus it seems useful to have an option to either block both, or somehow have a list of different applications on the computer. Second option does seem unlikely considering that each device would have different apps.

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    Win 10 Store App: SMS New Message

    Chinner · 0 · Posted

    There is no big "+" sign to initiate a NEW SMS message?

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    Win 10 Store App: Why is Join extracting tertiary phone numbers out of SMS thread history?

    Chinner · 0 · Posted

    In my SMS list, Join seems to pull out a secondary or group phone number in which maybe at one time in the SMS history, there was a group text.  Join should just focus on primary number unless it was a true group in my Android SMS.

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    Win 10 Store App: SMS Sorting

    Chinner · 0 · Posted

    When looking at SMS messages, there doesn't seem to be any sort of sort order.  It would be nice to have a toggle switch to sort by last active SMSs or alphabetize (name and / or phone number). 

    It's frustrating to find an SMS last sent on the phone, only to find it buried thru this weird list that doesn't seem to be sorted.

    I have to log out and log back in and then the SMS list sorts chronologically.

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    Email notifications: Show subject only

    Per Lycke · 0 · Posted

    As of now, the whole body of an email is included in the notification in the Chrome context notification tab.This makes some notifications very long, and you have to scroll way down to read the other notifications, or dimiss the email one.

    Idea: Make on option for showing only the subject for email notifications.

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    Live streaming of phone screen

    Klinghust · 0 · Posted

    Taking screenshots and videos are great but what about live streaming the screen?

    The next step from this would be interactive streaming aka remote desktop.

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    Shift+Enter should perform line return In Windows app

    RedJ · 0 · Posted

    In the Windows app and web portal, Shift+Enter doesn't create a line return (space down) for SMS in the Windows app.  Shift+Enter or any other combination of key+Enter will send the message.

    We need a way to enter line returns without sending on all platforms.

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    Ability to send group message

    Mustafa Dada · 0 · Posted

    ability to send new group messages from Chrome

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    Enhance the Android app and ability to detect deleted messages from native app and directly delete messages

    Mustafa Dada · 0 · Posted

    Enhance the Android app to be more like other mainstream Android apps with the ability ability to detect deleted messages from native app and directly delete messages from the Join database. 

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    force re-syncing GCM keys

    Nelson eM Oh Kay · 0 · Posted

    I don't think this is a top priority suggestion, but it would be nice to have nonetheless for the times a reset of the GCM keys is needed. I'm not sure why it happens, but for me it happens when I restore data for Join using TiBackup after a reset of my device. in Join's Diagnostics I would see that "Receive Push from server", "Receive Push with direct GCM Key", and "Receive push without going through Join's server" all fail despite refreshing the Devices list. seems like wiping Join's data is the only way to get everything working, however there are

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    Allow the ability to change the font for SMS on the Chrome Extension

    Wolfgrrl · 0 · Posted

    Allow choosing from system fonts OR web fonts. Thank you! 

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    Change colors of desktop app

    Jack · 0 · Posted

    It would be nice to change the color of the desktop application like we can for the Chrome extension (background color, text box color, etc).

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    Add MQTT support to Autoremote

    Richard Miles · 1 · Last reply by Ishtiyaq Husain

     Please consider adding MQTT or some other messaging protocol ( capability to AutoRemote. This would open up a world of inter-operability between Tasker and many things. Users could install a broker such as RabbitMQ ( and have many different ways of sending and receiving messages to / from Tasker via AutoRemote.  Going this route takes you to an open standard for messaging that runs on virtually every platform out there.

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    Remove "Reply Directly" priority on chrome action buttons

    Double Jumper · 0 · Posted

    With the "Dismiss anywhere" option disabled, when there's a notification with 3 or more action buttons, the chrome extension groups all action buttons in the first slot, and the second is used as a direct access to the first action button. Except that when the Reply Directly functionality is available, that's treated as the first action button.

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    Make Receiving sms text color black

    Charlie Wu · 0 · Posted

    Currently, the Background Color for Receiving SMS texts is lighter than regular background color. Having a white text on the lighter background makes the text hard to read.

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    More Emoji Support To & From and Better Images - Chrome App

    Kevin Still · 3 · Last reply by João Dias

    Currently you get black boxes when you receive emoji's. You can send  them via the Chrome app now but they looks dull. Can we someone grab all the Android one's and use the actual emoji's and have them show up correctly on send and receive? 

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    add contacts from chrome extension

    Soulmutts Toronto · 0 · Posted

    Another feature i love in my sms, you can right click a new number and save them as a contact and it will update the contact on the phone.

    Please add this feature I have dumped mysms for you and have 2 paid accounts and this feature and search are CRITICAL 

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    Display who sent the MMS rather than the entire member of the group for each message

    Joe B · 3 · Last reply by David P

    When in an MMS chat, the name above the message should be the person who sent the message rather than all the members if the MMS group. For instance, on the Textra messaging app on the phone, the name is displayed for the person who sent the message

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    Improved notification options for messenging services (eg whatsapp)

    Eternalcakes · 0 · Posted

    Several key features could be added: 

    1. Expandable/collapsible notifications
    2. Accounting for old messages
    3. Accounting for repeat messages within x minutes. 

    1 and 2 kind of go together, and would emulate current android notification systems. On android, using WhatsApp as an example: WhatsApp can show, "You have x messages from y conversations" and under that, lists the first line of each conversation, up to 4 conversations. 

    On Join currently, all messages are notified when the notification is 'refreshed'. Eg. Imagine I have A and B with unread messages. When C messages me with their first message, A and B both pop up