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    Option to disable push history for Tasker commands

    Ethan · 0 · Posted

    I use Join primarily to trigger Tasker commands. I do not need these commands to be added to my push history on Google Drive, so it would be nice to be able to disable push history (either entirely, or just for Tasker commands) in order to reduce wireless data usage and save storage space on Google Drive.

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    Windows 10 App - Add Contacts search to SMS History

    RedJ · 0 · Posted

    I'd like the ability to initiate new SMS conversations to specific contacts and also search contact names like can be done in Chrome extension. Currently, it's difficult to locate threads for contacts deep in the conversation history and impossible to initiate new conversations with numbers not already in the SMS history.

    Secondarily, an arbitrary text search of all message history as well as within specific conversation threads would also be useful.

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    Add the ability to retrieve sms messages in tasker from join

    Zach · 0 · Posted

    Being able to using sms messages within a tasker task would be very helpful in many situations especially when it requires root to intercept outgoing sms. 

    My ultimate goal with this would be to create a notification with the latest 3 messages of a conversation for ease of use.

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    Keyboard shortcut to dismiss notifications in Chrome extension

    Asdf · 0 · Posted

    Add a keyboard shortcut to allow dismissing notifications one at a time (this is a Pushbullet feature)

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    Sign out from app

    Erdelyiedvard · 0 · Posted

    My computer used some of my colleagues and I don't want to leave my app online status. Please make a sign out possibility like Pushbullet, for example a sign out button.

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    Use Join as an SMS/MMS backup/restore

    Alex Kruger · 0 · Posted

    Since Join already syncs SMS/MMS between devices through Drive, it would be great if I could use Join to restore texts after a factory reset. All the information is already in Drive, it would just need to restore it to the phone.

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    Support the Windows 10 My People bar in 1708

    Luke Myers · 0 · Posted

    The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update allows messaging apps to add themselves to the taskbar with the People bar. It would be awesome if Join for Windows 10 supported this feature.

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    Add "mark as read" action to Join SMS notification

    Giulio Malventi · 0 · Posted

    so that an SMS not needing reply can be dismissed on the phone without opening the conversation window.

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    Create and send screenshots

    Wookie · 1 · Last reply by Alex Kruger

    It would be cool if i could make screenshots with join like the snipping tool in windows and

    send them directly to my phone.

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    Tasker read join settings

    Yudi Umar · 1 · Last reply by João Dias

    Join apps so cool. Integrated with tasker. But when i'm using tasker toggle join settings, i want to display the affected settings state (toggle send notification). Can i request tasker read current settings?


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    Send Again

    C S · 0 · Posted

    On Device page of pushes, if there a card for Clipboard, under the text are the options Copy and Share, but I use some text pushes to run Tasker profiles, so I would love an option to Send Again. Would be faster for me, then copy, paste and send. 

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    Control Audio Playback from Browser

    Reece Dial · 1 · Last reply by João Dias

    It would be awesome if there was a way to pause and play music/ podcasts playing on the phone from the computer. This could simply be a play / pause button, or even include skip and rewind buttons. I'm not asking that join start the audio in the first place, but that it can control it once it's playing on the phone.

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    Initiate SMS message by keyboard shortcut

    RedJ · 0 · Posted

    In Windows 10, I would like to be able to initiate a new SMS message (and possibly other messaging types) without having to open the Windows 10 app and click through icons and buttons first.  With Cortana installed on phone, I can click Win+S then "SMS Contact name" and Windows will start an inline messaging dialog, which is really convenient.  I'd like to be able to start a new SMS conversation through Join from my Windows desktop just as conveniently.

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    The ability to name group messages.

    Chris Gambles · 0 · Posted

    When there's a lot of people in a group message it shows a big list of people. It would be nice to be able to name the group, especially when I name it in the phone messaging app. 

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    Blocked notifications not to appear when fetched by Web client

    Dimitrios K · 0 · Posted

    At the moment one can choose which applications will send a notification through the Join app on the phone. If you then try to pish the notifications, those that come from blocked apps will not get pushed to the computer.

    Non the less, if you try to fetch the notifications manually from the computer, all notifications will appear.

    Thus it seems useful to have an option to either block both, or somehow have a list of different applications on the computer. Second option does seem unlikely considering that each device would have different apps.

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    Win 10 Store App: SMS New Message

    Chinner · 0 · Posted

    There is no big "+" sign to initiate a NEW SMS message?

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    Win 10 Store App: Why is Join extracting tertiary phone numbers out of SMS thread history?

    Chinner · 0 · Posted

    In my SMS list, Join seems to pull out a secondary or group phone number in which maybe at one time in the SMS history, there was a group text.  Join should just focus on primary number unless it was a true group in my Android SMS.

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    Win 10 Store App: SMS Sorting

    Chinner · 0 · Posted

    When looking at SMS messages, there doesn't seem to be any sort of sort order.  It would be nice to have a toggle switch to sort by last active SMSs or alphabetize (name and / or phone number). 

    It's frustrating to find an SMS last sent on the phone, only to find it buried thru this weird list that doesn't seem to be sorted.

    I have to log out and log back in and then the SMS list sorts chronologically.

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    Email notifications: Show subject only

    Per Lycke · 0 · Posted

    As of now, the whole body of an email is included in the notification in the Chrome context notification tab.This makes some notifications very long, and you have to scroll way down to read the other notifications, or dimiss the email one.

    Idea: Make on option for showing only the subject for email notifications.

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    Live streaming of phone screen

    Klinghust · 0 · Posted

    Taking screenshots and videos are great but what about live streaming the screen?

    The next step from this would be interactive streaming aka remote desktop.