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    Allow me to shortcut key directly to SMS/Phone tab globally

    Andreas Turanski · 1 · Last reply by João Dias

    As a Join user on the desktop

    I want to get directly to the SMS/Phone tab right from the keyboard with one key-combo.

    In order to see new messages or create/send a new message

    Likely implementation: Add another Extension Shortcut to go directly to SMS/Phone tab.

    Use case: I have this always open so would be useful to be able to set a Extension Shortcut to go right to SMS/Phone tab. I'm already using Favorite for something else (paste clipboard). Extension Shortcuts are "cheap" and only add user complexity if used so maybe add one for each tab, but at

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    Support Join on the Opera browser

    David Thompson · 0 · Posted

    Can Opera be supported? Following the chrome://gcm-internals link that's in the FAQ shows a page that seems to indicate GCM is supported. Thanks!

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    Backup IFTTT actions

    Akshay Rao · 0 · Posted


    Would it be possible to also backup IFTTT actions when we hit the Backup To Cloud option? Right now on a device reset/restore, all actions disappear, requiring me to set them all up again

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    Assign colors to Join devices

    Mat Zolnierczyk · 1 · Last reply by Nicolai

    Please allow to assign colours  to the share icons. It's easier to distinguish multiple devices of the same kind. Same could be done for the device list in the join as well

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    Firefox Extension

    João Dias · 15 · Last reply by João Dias

    Create a Join extension for Firefox

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    Show individual user's Names to identify messages in a group MMS on Android

    Zachary · 0 · Posted

    The chrome extension supports this feature, but the android app does not!

    If this could be ported over, it will be extremely useful to me, and hopefully others.

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    Register webhook as device to send message to home server

    Søren Pedersen · 3 · Last reply by João Dias

    I would like to be able to send messages to my home server.

    I think a reasonable way to do that would be to publish an spec for a service to recieve messages via a web hook. I would then be able to register the url to the webhook as a device and Join could get/post a payload (according to the spec) to that url.


    The rest is up to me then.

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    Improve Device Naming

    James Coyle · 1 · Last reply by kori zamora

    Device naming is currently really annoying IMO so here is how I'd fix it.

    • Prevent devices receiving the same name.
    • Expand grouping system to allow custom groups.
    • Add device auto naming system based on device group. 

    Preventing duplicate names is a good idea as it's currently possible to get into a situation where you have two devices named the same and can't push to just one of them. While its great you can push to multiple devices, there are better ways to implement this functionality. Custom groups would allow devices to be grouped more logically than the current name-them-all-the-same tactic. 

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    Custom Device Groups

    Connor Dobbins · 0 · Posted

    The ability to create custom device groups, like Work if you have a work computer and iPad that you want to send something to. And then you can have a Home group which consists of a mac, an android phone and an ipad.

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    Automatically delete sent files from Drive after they've been downloaded on receiving device

    Cyc · 3 · Last reply by Mat4444

    When sending something from device A to device B, the files will be stored indefinitely in my Google Drive unless I manually delete them. Would be great if the file storage were only temporary, i.e. if the files were auto-removed as soon as the receiving device had successfully downloaded them.

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    Delayed or Scheduled SMS send

    Nick Tanner · 3 · Last reply by Ludovic Saint-Martin

    Not sure how popular this may be, but I personally think being able to schedule send sms/mms messages would be valuable. Helpful for scheduling reminders to ones self or others.