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    Microsoft Teams

    Yuriy Samorodov · 0 · Posted

    It would be great to have Microsoft Teams support as it looks like it is going to be replacement for Skype as per Microsoft roadmap,

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    Firefox Extension

    João Dias · 13 · Last reply by João Dias

    Create a Join extension for Firefox

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    Ability to access files in each device connected to Join just like accessing files from FTP server.

    Vysakh P · 0 · Posted

    Remote access to files in each device from other devices connected to Join. The idea is something similar to an FTP server with anonymous access with read and write access. Files may be accessed via a browser based file manager type interface. 

    Also the idea can be extended further by letting anyone to access the device via a URL and logging in using proper credentials for total control of the device.

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    Add the ability to retrieve volume levels from the API

    Avri Roth · 0 · Posted

    As the title suggests I want to be able to retrieve the device current volume levels via the api. 

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    Increase text font size in mobile app

    Kevin Kelly · 0 · Posted

    Add ability to increase text font size in mobile app

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    Smartthings smart app?

    Derek Wyman · 0 · Posted

    Anyone up for building a "join notifier" smart app for SmartThings?

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    Option to only use data connection, when connected to specific Wifi.

    Adam Pine · 0 · Posted

    The reason for this being that my college's network seems to block the google messages API, so the app can't update on my laptop, if i'm on my college wifi, so it would be nice to be able to blacklist that wifi, so that if I am on it, the app will use data, instead of wifi for that wifi network only, so I don't have to turn on and off my wifi based on my location. 

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    Under Review

    Detect if a device is either online or offline

    Luca De Nardi · 3 · Last reply by Luca De Nardi

    It would be nice to have an API to be called that detects wether a device is online or offline, so that we can do further actions only if a device is actually connected to the internet and ready to perform actions

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    Ability to send group message

    Mustafa Dada · 2 · Last reply by jet

    ability to send new group messages from Chrome

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    Windows 10 End to End Encryption

    Matt Keener · 0 · Posted

    I can enable end to end encryption on the join app for android, but then I am unable to do anything with the windows 10 app because it doesn't support end to end encryption.  I'd love to be able to use this with the app.

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    Open source the Windows 10 app

    Austin · 1 · Last reply by İnanç Atıl

    I noticed that the Chrome extension and the Firefox extension are open source, but the Windows 10 app is not.

    I understand why it's not a priority, I can't imagine the W10 app has nearly as many users as the Chrome extension. I feel like the Windows 10 app needs work and I would be willing to contribute to the project.

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    Compatibility with Signal database

    Brian Grissom · 6 · Last reply by Jax

    Signal is a secured messenger by Open Whisper Systems. Join successfully forwards the message to the PC and sends responses...but it doesn't seem to add the responses to the Signal message database. FYI Signal is open source, and can be found here (if it helps)


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    Master ON/OFF switch.

    Przemyslaw · 4 · Last reply by jet

    Master ON OFF switch to turn JOIN on or off. Would come handy in certain situations (ie on holidays, roaming, etc etc).

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    Automatically delete sent files from Drive after they've been downloaded on receiving device

    When sending something from device A to device B, the files will be stored indefinitely in my Google Drive unless I manually delete them. Would be great if the file storage were only temporary, i.e. if the files were auto-removed as soon as the receiving device had successfully downloaded them.

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    Filter to select notifications apps

    Alexandre WURTZ · 0 · Posted


    I like to receive all the news in one point and thus to be able to manage them. My phone is configured so that it receives only the most important notification, and I would like to retransmit everything to my computer. But actually it is difficult to find an application in the huge list of "notification apps" that includes system apps. It would be interesting to add a filter system to sort the list. For example to separate system applications and applications installed by the user, or organized by date of installation. I would also like to be able

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    Custom commands at the right click of the mouse

    gui eduardo · 0 · Posted

    It would be nice if we could create custom commands and they be available in the right click of the mouse. Same as AutoRemote does. For me would be possible to totally migrate from AutoRemote to Join since I only use AutoRemote because of this feature. Also you coul create the same menu for Join(Windows) to send files to another devices.

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    COPY option to WIndows 10 app

    Join user · 0 · Posted

    hope you can add option to copy the sms that i got...