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    Firefox Extension

    João Dias · 15 · Last reply by João Dias

    Create a Join extension for Firefox

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    Add ability to sort list of device in a account or make it scrollable

    Tom Stiefel · 2 · Last reply by Tom Stiefel

    I have many devices in my list, because I use some of them with different OS and/or browsers. Some I of that devices I use more often than others, but if I reinstall OS or browser that (new) device is listed at the end of the list. 

    Especially on my phone I have the problem, that a device appears out of screen and is not usable, when I copy some text and want to share it with that devices at he bottom of the list. So it would help if I could put my most recent used devices at the

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    Control phone with computer mouse

    Giannaros Antreas · 0 · Posted

    Will be nice to move devices mouse from pc and maybe add basic commands back home menu also like abjust sound volume mute since all devices are nicely connected, LANmote has a nice mouse control idea.