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    Change Chrome Extension Icon in case notifications are muted

    Petr · 1 · Last reply by Trost


    it would be nice if the Join Chrome Extension Icon is changed in case notifications are muted.

    Thank you

    Best Regards


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    Show which phone number received a message for dual SIM phones

    Vinayak ‍ · 1 · Last reply by João Dias

    For dual SIM phones, currently the Join Chrome extension doesn't show which phone number received the message. It'd be helpful if it could display the message along the phone number that received it. Use cases: 1. Replying from the same number the message was sent to 2. To be able to tell which number the message was sent to when the messages are identical (e.g. Banks sending OTP)

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    Local Connection File Transfer

    Eisa AlAwadhi · 3 · Last reply by update.freak


    Currently, sending files requires uploading and then downloading from Google Drive.


    However, a local connection seems far more efficient.

    For example, if both devices are connected to the same network then it will be a simple local connection transfer. It will be faster since it won't require upload and it will also download using the wireless speed.

    And if it detects that the devices aren't using the same connection then it can be either a pop-up triggers to notify that it will require remote transfer, or it can happen automatically.


    Local connection can be used in various

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    Choosing What Clicking a Notification Does on a Per-Notification Basis

    Thatuserguy · 0 · Posted

    Currently if you tie a website to a notification app from the Chrome Extension, clicking it will only bring up the website on your computer. Not having an app tied to a website only opens it on your phone. For apps that have a website tied to them, it would be useful to be able to choose if clicking opens on the phone like standard, or opens the website you have tied to it

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    Franz Plugin

    Andreas Toth · 0 · Posted

    Please turn all or parts of Join into a Franz plugin (

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    Add Join's "Send now" or "Get/Send Notifications" to Tasker plugin

    Trost · 0 · Posted

    I'd absolutely love it, if I could execute "Send Now" (available in Join options) using Tasker plugin or "Send Notifications" (from device list) or "Get Notifications"

    In other words: I have already set up a way to enable and disable notification forwarding from my work tablet to personal phone (using tasker to toggle "Send Notifications"), now I wanna have a one-tap solution to fetch all of those missed notifications, while sending was off.

    Also: Love both of your apps, you're amazing 😘

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    Firefox Extension

    João Dias · 15 · Last reply by João Dias

    Create a Join extension for Firefox

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    Make links in notifications clickable

    Justin W. · 0 · Posted

    For example, clicking a URL contained in a Twitter tweet would follow the link; clicking anywhere else on the Twitter notification would go to

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    Make it so Join only pushes the newest notification and not the group of all of them

    Francesco Soru · 0 · Posted

    What I mean is, when I receive a notification from whatsapp and do not answer/open it in my phone, even if I dismiss it, the next time I get  another one from whatsapp I receive two pushes with the first one and then the second one.

    Is there away to avoid this happening and receive only the "unread" ones?

    Hope I made myself clear, if not don't hesitate to ask!

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    Chrome extension icon show battery percentage

    Or Schiro · 1 · Last reply by Or Schiro

    Would love to see an option for the Chrome extension badge icon to show the current battery percentage status of my phone. 

    Anyone else up for it? :-)


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    choice for each SMS and call

    Brazto · 0 · Posted

    can you add choice for each SMS and call, you send out you want to select if you want to use SIM 1 or 2? thanks

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    Automatically delete sent files from Drive after they've been downloaded on receiving device

    Cyc · 3 · Last reply by Soumya Ranjan Mahunt

    When sending something from device A to device B, the files will be stored indefinitely in my Google Drive unless I manually delete them. Would be great if the file storage were only temporary, i.e. if the files were auto-removed as soon as the receiving device had successfully downloaded them.

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    Give the Join app on android the ability to screen capture without depending on remote device

    Moshe Siani · 4 · Last reply by João Dias

    The screen capturing works pretty well but i do want to screen capture without depending on a remote device since not always i am near it. 

    Do you see this as a possibility in the near future version of Join?

    Ohh and another idea,

    What about when i decline upload the video (screen capture) to Youtube can it maybe open a share menu to let me choose if i want to share the video with other apps since usually this is what people wants but not always on Youtube.

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    Samsung Watch "Auto Wear" Integration.

    AJ · 1 · Last reply by João Dias

    I've been looking around to see if There was Samsung wear app to link into tasker. There is one, but it's really barebones. Im wondering if it is at all possible to integrate autowear into samsung line of watches. I've heard that you didn't want to about a year ago because if lack of client base and time. Im honestly just posting this to not only see if its possible now, but also to hopefully get a better look at the client base who would be interested in something like this.