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    German language support

    Cedrik L · 0 · Posted

    Since the app is quite extensive, it would be nice if you could translate it to German. 

    Thanks in advance. 

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    Backup IFTTT actions

    Akshay Rao · 0 · Posted


    Would it be possible to also backup IFTTT actions when we hit the Backup To Cloud option? Right now on a device reset/restore, all actions disappear, requiring me to set them all up again

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    How about a native mac app !

    Cereal Pirate · 7 · Last reply by Em Ka

    As a professional apple computer user i absolutely cant stand the limitations of apples ios for their mobile devices.  Hence why i have been a huge android fan for over a decade now.  Is there a way we can get Join to run natively on mac computers?   I will beta test and help out as much as i can to make this happen if possible! 

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    Type of phone number when texting or calling

    Tom · 7 · Last reply by David Troesch

    It would be helpful to know what type of number when texting or calling. I only noticed this when I got my new phone since I did not restore my SMS messages. When calling or creating a SMS there is no way to know what kind of number it is making it impossible to know what to text or call unless you have the numbers memorized 

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    Add muting for specific SMS recipients

    Lori-Anne Sernoskie · 0 · Posted

    It would be great if you added a way to mute specific people from the SMS screen. If I mute someone on my phone, my phone won't notify me but my join extension in Chrome still detects a new message and displays it. If we could mute directly from the join app, we would still receive the messages from the muted person (which is fine, it's a mute, not a block), but they wouldn't disturb us.

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    Follow phone's block list

    Stephen Butler · 2 · Last reply by Dušan K

    I have some numbers added to the default block list on my Samsung S7 edge so that I am no longer receiving text messages from them. When I see the notification on my computer's Chrome browser, the text messages from the blocked numbers are viewable.

    Can you make it so that a blocked number done through the phone itself is also blocked in Join?


    Thank you!