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    Battery Percentage and Memory Status

    Shakiv Rizvi · 0 replies · Posted

    Want to check out battery percentage and memory status of the device from the Crome extension.

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    Disable certain Apps from copying to the Clip board

    Wyzer · 1 reply · Last reply by Wyzer

    There are certain Apps that I have that I do not want to be "auto copied" to the Join clipboard.  Please create a Blacklist of Apps, or a Whitelist, so they will not copy to the Join Clipboard.

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    Join vs. (others) easy comparison chart.

    Sirluke · 1 reply · Last reply by João Dias

    Is there a way on your website to set up a comparison chart for say the top 5 apps like Join? 

    I currently use Mysms and can't seem to really quantify the difference in your app and theirs... except... your price is too low!!! hehe

    In any case.. just getting my feet wet in this "messaging all devices" apps and Mysms has some foibles but overall good... I find comparison charts with check marks for same features and "x's"  for features not included fast and helpful when doing comparisons... Thanks for any help in this... It could be I'm just

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    Change screen location of notification

    adam fischer · 1 reply · Last reply by João Dias

    On either the chrome extension or the windows 10 app it would be convenient to display the notification on a secondary monitor as to not disrupt tasks being done on the primary monitor. The windows 10 app runs through the windows notification centre which doesn't let you change the location and I don't see a setting in chrome to make that change. Perhaps the windows 10 app would function outside of the windows notification centre such as how pushbullet works? 

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    Mark SMS as read on mobile when displayed in browser

    TerDale · 3 replies · Last reply by Christophe Sperandio


    Would be nice if Join could do this:

    when an SMS (text) is displayed in the browser extension, one can consider it has been read, thus that would be great if the corresponding message could be marked as read on the mobile. However, I wonder if this is really feasible whatever the SMS app, or if it depends on the used app...

    Thanks in advance

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    Sending pop up battery full charge through devices

    Fernando Descartin · 1 reply · Last reply by David P

    Some time i left my android wacht charging or tablet or phone and don't realise when they are charged. Cause all devices send an pop up message that they are full charged it would be wonderful to resend this pop ups through devices .then if I'm using another device i can unplug the charged device. Very usefully. Thanx for considering

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    initiate group text from chrome by selecting more than one contact

    Roger Schwed · 0 replies · Posted

    You can reply to an existing group text thread, but you can't create a new one on the chrome extension -- it only lets you select one contact.

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    Add a $.99 IAP for a dark/night theme

    TheRealBigJake · 1 reply · Last reply by David P

    Even though I think dark should be standard and white as an iap

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    Notification dismissal

    Jackson Moormeier · 1 reply · Last reply by Alex Hart

    Dismiss tablet notification once responded from computer or phone (specifically for sms). Currently getting tons of notifications piling up on my tablet when not in use because they aren't dismissed once I reply to them on my phone or computer throughout the day.

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    Display battery percentage

    Chris Nash · 1 reply · Last reply by Nicolai

    Hey! Quick request. Is it possible to have join display the battery percentage of the phone? I often plug my phone in in one room and take my laptop to another, texting and checking notifications from Join all the while. I'd love to be easily able to see how charged the phone is from my ass in another room, if possbile.



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    Make chrome notifications use multi-action button and dismiss button

    Alex Hart · 2 replies · Last reply by Justin W.

    Based on discussion here:

    Chrome notifications have a two button limit. To get around this, one of the buttons can launch a popup that has more than 2 buttons. 

    How this should work:

    Second button is always dismiss (on computer and device)

    First button is:

    1) not there if no actions for notification

    2) if the notification has 1 action, just offer it

    3) if more than 1 action for notification, make into comma-separated, multi-action button that brings up another window with all the actions

    The "x" on the notifcation can be used to dismiss only on the computer,

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    Auto-sync new contact information for newly added contacts

    Zack Vogel · 0 replies · Posted

    Currently I have to pick up my phone, turn off and on the SMS service.. and have the phone upload the new contact details to google drive everytime I add a new contact.

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    Firefox Extension

    João Dias · 4 replies · Last reply by Jack

    Create a Join extension for Firefox

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    How about a native mac app !

    Cereal Pirate · 3 replies · Last reply by Matan

    As a professional apple computer user i absolutely cant stand the limitations of apples ios for their mobile devices.  Hence why i have been a huge android fan for over a decade now.  Is there a way we can get Join to run natively on mac computers?   I will beta test and help out as much as i can to make this happen if possible! 

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    separate option for dismissing SMS messages in Chrome extension

    Nelson eM Oh Kay · 3 replies · Last reply by Alex Hart

    currently there's only one, a global option of dismissing all notifications so that notifications are either dismissed after being shown for x amount of time or manually dismissing. since SMS messages are pushed regardless of the setting to push only on Wi-Fi, would it be possible to have a second option for dismissing only SMS messages so that they can be dismissed manually or after x amount of time independent of the current global option?

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    Auto-Dismiss Notifications Based On Desktop Interation

    Ryan · 0 replies · Posted

    Currently if you click/interact with a notification via the Chrome extension it does not dismiss this notification, even though you have taken an action that would normally dismiss it on your device. I think it would be nice and more in-line with how notifications work if notifications were dismissed based on your interaction with them via Chrome.

    For example: currently if you get a FB Messenger notification and you click on it via Chrome, it will launch Messenger just as it would on your device if you selected the notification. However, the notification will still remain in Join until you manually

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    Handshake confirming notification delivery

    Tomek Wlaszczuk · 0 replies · Posted

    Real life scenario : I'm using Join to pass notifications from my smartphone to my smartwatch (full android 5.1). My phone sends notifications to my smartwatch, but smartwatch is not connected to the internet in the moment when notification was pushed. I connect smartwatch to the internet after, let say 5 mins, and I have no any info that I missed notification. 

    Suggested solution : your mediation server should have 'delivery' status. When push is performed status is set to 1. Successful delivery (handshake from remote party) reset status to 0. In situation when delivery was unsuccessful (remote party off

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    dark mode

    David Jackson · 4 replies · Last reply by Sam Cook

    I hate apps with large amaounts of white spaces argh!   a dark or night mode mode would be very appreciated

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    Sign out from Join when signed out of Google account

    Jim Pearson · 1 reply · Last reply by Tijmen J.

    I use the Join extension for Chrome on a shared computer, and I always log out of my Google account and switch users when I leave. Join stays signed in, though, allowing access to whomever might go snooping. It hasn't been an issue yet, and I don' know that it ever will be, but I'd like to peace of mind knowing that no one could potentially stumble across my Join content, i.e. SMS and such.

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    Load more sms thread scroll back as needed

    Alex Hart · 1 reply · Last reply by João Dias

    What I'm expecting is to scroll back through a message thread with someone and automatically have more and more load, which doesn't happen. I imagine it could work by using the count setting to give you an initial amount and join to send a push request to the decide with more history to pull that in. Make sense? Possible?

    This is not the same as