integration with netflix

Netflix now allows downloading on android devices.  The practical use is that I can download my Netflix content while out and about over free wifi at say a mcdonalds.  Then watch the content later.  Thus saving my home and mobile data. convenient.

However, Netflix will not allow me to download on my pc.  nor will it allow me to stream, mirror, capture or otherwise transfer the content downloaded on my tiny android phone to my pc with its gigantic projector display.   not convenient.

same devices i already use with Join.   Same Netflix account.

I suggest some kind of Join-t (couldnt resist) integration wherein i could use join to push content from my android netflix app to my pc based chrome netflix app.  without compromising the content by capturing, streaming, and other piratable means... pushed app to app, using their inplace trickery (whatever protocols the netflix app uses to download content from the netflix servers and keep it hidden) to keep the content secure... Serve downloaded content from netflix app to netflix app by the same means used to get the content from the netflix server...  but do it through Join because I already use join to push files back and forth...    Join-flix...  Join-net..  :P