Add URL to notification (Join notification mirroring)

Often notifications are for content that is viewable in the web (e.g. a link to the facebook post). It would be nice to allow app developers to provide such URL for the notification (e.g. the notification action can provide any extras they like) and then show it up on the desktop computer so that clicking on it will open the address in your browser. This way you do not have to pick up your mobile phone. It will also make app developers suggest your app because this way it offers an interesting feature for its users.

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This is now implemented and will be available on the next release.

I don't know about other developers but at least I would be interested (I'm the author of Web Alert and also a fan of your work btw). In my app the users receive notifications that are always related to web pages, so it would benefit them if they could receive them on their browser and open the web pages within the same browser.

Awesome, I can totally do that :) Add a string wit the url in an extra with a key "com.joaomgcd.join.EXTRA_NOTIFICATION_URL" and I'll do that  right away and send you the APK to test :)

Thanks for the suggestion. So, do you mean an Extra in the notification itself on Android? that does sound interesting. Do you know of a developer that is interested in that?