Auto-Dismiss Notifications Based On Desktop Interation

Currently if you click/interact with a notification via the Chrome extension it does not dismiss this notification, even though you have taken an action that would normally dismiss it on your device. I think it would be nice and more in-line with how notifications work if notifications were dismissed based on your interaction with them via Chrome.

For example: currently if you get a FB Messenger notification and you click on it via Chrome, it will launch Messenger just as it would on your device if you selected the notification. However, the notification will still remain in Join until you manually dismiss it, even though you have acknowledged and interacted with it. If you were to take the same action on your device, tapping on a FB Messenger notification, it would launch the app (same as Chrome extension) and dismiss the notification.

This would bring the Chrome extension more inline with the way notifications function on your device.

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Should be working with the latest release now :)

I'm working on SMS messages, thanks :)

Thank you, João!

Awesome! Thanks for the great work! 

Thanks! :D

jwmann that already happens for 3rd party app notifications

What about SMS messages? :(

Hi there. Sorry for the delay in responding. The notifications in the chrome extension go away if the notification on your phone goes away. So clicking on chrome will make the notification go away if the originating app makes the notification go away on your device. Hope this clarifies it!

He's trying to make the Chrome Extension also do the opposite as well.
Dismissing a Notification in the Chrome Extension should dismiss the notification from your phone.