Make chrome notifications use multi-action button and dismiss button

Based on discussion here: https://joaoapps.helprace.com/i201-separate-option-for-dismissing-sms-messages-in-chrome-extension

Chrome notifications have a two button limit. To get around this, one of the buttons can launch a popup that has more than 2 buttons. 

How this should work:

Second button is always dismiss (on computer and device)

First button is:

1) not there if no actions for notification

2) if the notification has 1 action, just offer it

3) if more than 1 action for notification, make into comma-separated, multi-action button that brings up another window with all the actions

The "x" on the notifcation can be used to dismiss only on the computer, leaving the notification on the device. 

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Tony, yes I eventually want to add this to the windows version too. It's just that Chrome is more widely used so I use it as a first platform to roll out new features :)

There's no thumbs up button so I'm going to reply saying awesome, keep up the good work.

This is now done in the new beta: https://plus.google.com/+Jo%C3%A3oDias/posts/832EHJVCAW9

How long until we see these features in the Windows 10 app? Is that just a slower development? Is using the Chrome extension a better choice in your opinion?

Changed Status: No Status > Planned


This is exactly what I'm looking for and pretty much the only reason I keep PushBullet around.