Add Copy Number & Dismiss button to notification

I receive 2-factor authentication (2FA) codes via SMS. Right now I have to take these actions in Chrome on Windows/Mac:

  1. Click the More actions button/link
  2. Click 'Copy number'
  3. Click 'Dismiss everywhere'

Please make one button for 'Copy & Dismiss' that copies the number from the SMS and dismisses the Android notification. This will greatly speed up the workflow of using 2FA codes.

2 replies

Ah, gotcha.  I've never used SMS auth codes but I see the dilemma--you're already getting the code via notification on the target machine, now you've got to type it or open and copy it.  Basically you'd like to be able to copy to the clipboard any SMS from the notification and I have to admit, that would be handy.  You've got my vote.

The main reason I use Join is for 2FA and the easiest way to do what you're doing requires no change.  Just set it so the clipboard is sent automatically to the target machine.  I open my authenticator app on my Android, tap the code, ctrl/cmd+v on PC/Mac.  That's one fewer tap than you're proposing!

Thanks Anthony, but that does not apply to this request since in this particular case I receive these codes via SMS and those don't get copied to the clipboard automagically.