Option to replace chrome multi-action button with the first action button

My most frequent use of action buttons is with emails and YouTube. Both Gmail and Inbox use more than 1 action button (on Inbox those would be to mark Done and Reply). On YouTube it has Watch Later and Turn Off. It can get annoying quickly to always have to click on the button to show the popup with all buttons, when it could've been just there. And at least in these cases, I believe the first button would be the most used one.

This idea could also be expanded to: allow the first 2 buttons and removing the dismiss one (with X dismissing everywhere instead of locally); or even customizable action buttons (maybe per app?). These were my previous ideas, but I guessed it'd be better to keep it simple.

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You can already do that :) In the Advanced settings of the extension disable the Add "Dismiss Everywhere" Button in Chrome Notifications option. 

Hope this helps!

Oh, thanks! Don't know how I missed that.

Hmm, just having some trouble now with Inbox grouping Done and Snooze on the first slot, and the second to Reply directly. I'm guessing this is the Reply getting priority cause it's a cooler feature? Just wanna make sure before adding another Idea, kinda hard to test