Option to disable opening new tab to login with google account for Join chrome extension.

Many times I do not want to stay signed into an account for the entire chrome session for good reasons (e.g. I want check mail on another account).

Yet the Join chrome extension always bugs me to sign in by opening a new tab. It is incredibly annoying to always be asked to sign into a Google account whenever I start a session because of this extension.

I now have around 6 tabs opened when I start my session with tabs from the last time that are all asking me to sign in! It's frustrating to close these tabs constantly!

PLEASE allow the option to enable/disable this sign in feature. Otherwise allow me to sign into a google account once WITHOUT actually signing into Google's other web services, like Gmail, History, YouTube, Google+, etc.

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Quick update, but it seems at least on my end that if you have this issue and sign in again, then sign out again, the opening the new tab problem goes away. Can anyone else confirm? 

I'd still rather be able to use join without big brother, but that would be it's own topic. 

This is true, but I'm unwilling to sign into that resulting page. Join works fine when it had a cached login even after I logged out of the associated account from the rest of the browser. This particular machine is a work machine and I don't want this browser to be using or have access to anything in the account I use to Auth to join. Perhaps just having either all of the join Auth happen in the extension rather than the browser globally or by having a separate join account would be a solution.

To be clear, join works when I've logged into the window/join initially, but this also logs in the account globally. Join works as expected until I sign out of the account from the browser side of things. E. g. Google.com. After signing out though, any time join receives a push, the data is sent but it also opens a new tab login page. 

But simply signing in to Join shouldn't sign you in to anywhere else, if you do it through the new tab that Join opens. Can you confirm that it's signing you in to other stuff?

It does, in a different tab I can see on the Google homepage that I am signed into all other Google services, is there a way for me to attach a screenshot?

But if you sign in to Join in the tab that opens you can still check emails on other accounts. It doesn't change anything about that...

To clarify, I do not wish to be signed into other Google services if I want to just use Join. Sure, it doesn't restrict me to see email on other accounts, but that is not what I am trying to request. I am saying that if Join extension wants me to sign in with my Google account that it doesn't sign in to other Google services in my browser. Because once I sign out of my Google account that I used to sign into Join, it will sign out of the Join extension as well. 

Hmm, sorry for the delay in responding, but signing in to Join doesn't change the account that's signed in on other Google services on your device...

I am talking about browser sign in when using the Chrome extension. If i sign into join extension, my google account is signed into all services in my browser session. THIS is what I mean by sign in on other Google services.

Thirded. It would be awesome if we could just use join without a reliance on Google. 

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