Chrome Extension: Custom Script functionality to determine action when notification clicked on

I'd love to see custom script functionality built into the Chrome/PC extensions that can be programmed to open certain web pages when you click on a Join notification from a particular app.  For instance, if SlickDeals android app sent a notification to Chrome, and I click on that notification on my PC, I'd like it to open up that slickdeal in a Chrome tab on my desktop vs sending the action back to my phone and it opening up Slickdeals app to that deal.  That's just one app example.  The custom scripts would vary based on the information provided in the notification and what app it came from.  NextDoor or Facebook are other apps that come to mind that could use that feature. 

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It may have just opened the main website, come to think of it. Which is still preferable than launching the app in my pocket on a locked phone. In perfect world, it would give me both options.


Thanks! Great stuff here!

You can already do this part if you want :) Check the "App websites" option in the advanced section of the chrome extension

How did PushBullet do it then?  Bummer.  Thanks anyway..

Did pushbullet open the exact URL for notifications? Or did it simply open the main website for those notifications?

Unfortunately notifications don't contain information about the URL that would open if you clicked on them.

Also, Chrome extensions don't allow code to be interpreted from a String so custom scripts wouldn't work.

Sorry! It's a great idea though :)