Improve Device Naming

Device naming is currently really annoying IMO so here is how I'd fix it.

  • Prevent devices receiving the same name.
  • Expand grouping system to allow custom groups.
  • Add device auto naming system based on device group. 

Preventing duplicate names is a good idea as it's currently possible to get into a situation where you have two devices named the same and can't push to just one of them. While its great you can push to multiple devices, there are better ways to implement this functionality. Custom groups would allow devices to be grouped more logically than the current name-them-all-the-same tactic. 

An auto-naming system is a must in my opinion. I don't want to be asked to name devices every time I sign into chrome at university. I'd recommend creating a naming system based the default device groups. For example, if I were to log into chrome, join should automatically name that instance something like Chrome-Untitled-1 so it is easily identified in the push list for temporary pushes. A custom notification should be shown in the list as well as in the options that allows the device to be given a name if desired. If that instance goes unnamed the device should then be deleted once that device goes offline/is closed. 

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Totally agree. At my school, I'm constantly flopping around computers, signing in to Chrome, and this is actually really annoying coming across these notifications Every Time. I'd Really enjoy this change