allow individual device commands to be hidden in the Chrome Extention

Per device, it would be nice to be able to hide individual commands that are infrequently (or never) used. This would allow a user like myself to shorten the command list per device down to show only the commands that I will be actually using. For instance, I will never use Join to send SMS from my desktop as I use Fi/Hangouts to do this today.

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I forgot to say but this was implemented a while ago :)

I'd actually also like to be able to customise the text (and color) and icon to make options stand out more, being able to insert separators would be nice.

Thank you for the suggestion.

In the meantime you can drag the commands that you don't need down on the list so that they're out of the way.

Hope this helps!

That's definitely a nice way to organize the list! Thanks for the tip!

However, it would still be nice to reduce the list to about 1/2 the commands that are in there now :)