Allow notification mirroring of Join API notifications

I realize that I could use the API to send notifications to multiple devices (e.g., notifications of additions to Android Police's RSS feed) but I'd like for my phone to be the "master" device. If I set up the notifications on multiple devices, I'll have to dismiss them on each. However, if these notifications were mirrored from my phone to the Chrome extension, I'd be able to view either on my phone or on the computer and dismiss once from either location. 

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Ok, can you make a specific request for that? Thanks!

Done. Thanks! 

Oh yes, that's true. That won't dismiss the notifications but simply replace them for the existing ones on the phone.

But it doesn't gather the API notifications that are on the phone. Is it possible to bring back the notifications that hadn't been dismissed yet when refreshing?

Notifications sent to multiple devices via the API should already be dismissed automatically from other devices when you dismiss on one of them. So are you saying that this is not happening for you?

I'll have to wait for another notification to come in to confirm. One thing I'm seeing is that, when I refresh notifications in the Chrome extension, previous notifications from the API disappear, even though they are still on my phone. 

Edit: I've confirmed that dismissing the notification from Chrome also dismisses it on the phone. However, I'm not able to restore visibility of the notifications once I click the refresh button.