Hide SMS content on Notifications ONLY

Hi there - I really like the app, but I was wondering if you could make it be an option to only hide notification content for text messages. All other app notifications (emails, facebook, etc) would show the messages content.

Another user had a similar request 6 months ago. I have added their request below:

A feature I really miss is the capability to be aware that a new SMS has arrived, but without displaying a
notification by the browser (for privacy purpose). Currently :

  • either you enable notifications for one's SMS app, and SMS are displayed on PC screen
    (contents can be hidden, but it applies to any other, non-SMS, notification, which is annoying),
  • or disable notification for one's SMS app, but then one's has to check regularly phone or open the
    extension to verify if a new SMS has arrived.

What would be nice is something like this:

  • a supplemental setting in the extension allowing to hide SMS notifications *only*, thus not
    impacting other notifications (the other existing setting can be used for all if needed)
  • but when a new SMS arrived, the badge on the notification button is set to tell the user that a new
    SMS can be read, despite the fact it was not displayed in a notification on the PC.

Link to other post: https://joaoapps.helprace.com/i138-add-setting-to-hide-sms-content-only