Stored Pushes in the Android app

Can we also please have stored pushes for Android app, please?

I'm using the API (from 3rd party processes on my server) to send messages to the rest of my devices (these include the Android app as a client, not a sender). In those messages in Android, sometimes I'm unable to see the full title and message text of the notification, because of (I guess among other things) pure Android notification character limitations.

So it would be great if there is a separate screen with all pushes TO the Android app, where no matter of the length of the title/message, all will be easily readable. I know it's perhaps not the main reason people get JOIN. Most of them primarily use it to push stuff FROM Android to other devices. But the Android app is also a client after all too :) So since there is a stored pushes section in Chrome, why not have it in Android as well :)