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Handled pushes. Pushes that need no user intervention

Add an input parameter to the "Join Received Push" plugin event to block the pushed message from generating a notification on Android. This can be pretty useful if you want to create commands that can be queried from Chrome (a "Get battery level" command for example) and are handled automatically by Tasker or Automate, these need no user intervention, so notifications are unnecessary. 

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I use Automate. Simply because I've been using it for a long time and I bought the premium version.

Still, I think a handled pushes should be a thing, handling it explicitly should cancel the notification and not doing so should produce the default behavior. That should make the product more versatile. 

Oh I see. That makes sense, thanks.

Interesting. How do you do that on Chrome, like for custom commands? I don't recall setting a title

Oh, those shouldn't create a notification at all if you have Tasker installed. Do you?

Simply don't set a title and no notification should show up :)