Deactivate notifications in chrome

I have severals Google accounts, one of them (1stGA) is my personal which is connected to my smartphone. Another google account (2ndGA) in my Chrome is on my employee's smartphone. Sometimes I need to receive notifications from its device to the 2ndGA account on my desktop Chrome extension. How can I activate and deactivate these notifications from my Chrome extension? I've checked several times the settings and deactivated everything and even logged out from the 2ndGA. Nothing helps.

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No, I need an option in Settings where I can choose from WHICH devices I want to receive information. It's the simplest way to implement it but you can add more flexibility.

In other words I customised sending some Join information from device A to device B. Device B is at my hands, device A is NOT at my hands. Sometimes I want to receive information from device A, sometimes it distracts me but I am not able to stop/block/deactivate this. If Join is active on device B, it always receive messages from device A. There are no settings to stop it. Only the owner of device A can stop it but it's not flexible for our business model.

Just to be clear, you want to disable the notification sending toggle on your Android device from Chrome?

Hello. It's still not fixed but looks crucial.