Mute / Unmute Toggle (no time period) & per Device

I have Chrome installed on my HTPC and use this extension there too. Sometimes it's nice to have notifications turned on for that device and most times not, however I would still like to retain the ability to use this extension from that device if needed.

The Do Not Disturb (Mute Notifications) described more here: https://joaoapps.helprace.com/i75-do-not-disturb-mode-for-notifications-on-chrome is great, but I would like to see the following:

  1. Mute Notifications Pop-up to display if notifications are currently muted or not (and maybe time remaining).
  2. Option to "Until I manually unmute" as a condition for mute with no time period. Clicking an "Unmute" option would re-enable them.
  3. An option to not sync Mute status across all devices. Muting on my HTPC is great, but I would like to retain the notifications on the Chromebook or laptop I am using at the time too.

Thank you.

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I would also really like the option no mute the notification in chrome permanently until i unmute them manually.

I rellay like the functionality of chrome (for example File transfer, since i don't like to always have to use the windows folder share option) but i would like to get the notifications in the windows info-center. 


would really appreciate it