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    Show expanded notifications

    Josh · 0 · Posted


    If I get two whatsapp messages in a row the second message notification takes the place of the first meaning when the notification is shared to another device, it can only see the second message.  It would be awesome if the second device got the notification with the option to expand it and see multiple message as is shown on the original device (see image here).



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    Speak (TTS) function should work on other languages

    Imre Telek · 1 · Last reply by João Dias

    My phone's default TTS engine is not english but join speaks on english. It would be good if I would hear loud notifications on my native language.

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    German language support

    Cedrik L · 0 · Posted

    Since the app is quite extensive, it would be nice if you could translate it to German. 

    Thanks in advance. 

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    Backup IFTTT actions

    Akshay Rao · 0 · Posted


    Would it be possible to also backup IFTTT actions when we hit the Backup To Cloud option? Right now on a device reset/restore, all actions disappear, requiring me to set them all up again

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    'SMS confirmed sent' when not on main phone

    Jeff M. · 1 · Last reply by João Dias

    I would love to have a 'SMS confirmed sent' from my Chrome extension when sending a text message. Join seems pretty inconsistent so I end up checking my phone when sending a text to see if it actually sent. Having a confirmation instead would be great!

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    Send all in group

    Andrewpalozzo · 0 · Posted

    Ability to specify which notifications should be grouped. Eg per application. ItsI annoying when my computer sends me 15 alerts twice, because it refreshed and I didn't deal with one group.

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    add join as default sms app

    Thomas · 0 · Posted

    i have a data sim in an extra phone. it would be nice to be able to make join the default sms app on that phone. i like how there is a widget for it but it would be nice to make it official throughout the whole phone.

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    mqtt with ssl username/password

    Nakvic · 0 · Posted

    Is MQTT over ssl/tls supported?

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    Share Join created Actions amongst devices

    Jorge Hernandez Garcia · 1 · Last reply by Mat4444

    HI, is it possible to share Join created Actions amongst devices?

    For example, if I created an IFTTT action to turn my house lights on/off in Join, and I would like to have the same action in my other devices.  Could at least that action have a share/send to device option?

    Perhaps not auto-populate in all the devices, but at least have something to avoid creating the same actions in all the devices. It can be added to the pop up list that's shown when you select the action (the one that have the run option).

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    Add support for OneDrive backup

    Tim Teebken · 0 · Posted

    Currently join allows backup of your data to Google drive or DropBox.  Requesting that you add support for backup to Microsoft OneDrive.  There are a ton of us Android users that due to corporate policy or other things, are more wired into the MSFT ecosystem and OneDrive storage. 

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    Join notification groups

    Rob Cichocki · 0 · Posted

    I have been using join for a few days now on a number of different devices and noticed that I'm getting lost with all the notifications. It would be a good idea if we could group various devices together and set them a specific colour and or a specific subtab within the notifications tab on Chrome for example. For example, if I wanted to send something to a number of phones that I added to a specific group I could just click on groups (located under devices in Join) and it would list all my premade groups. I would pick

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    Join to open a link on a non-default browser.

    Rob Cichocki · 0 · Posted

    Is there a way to use join to open a link on a non-default browser. I know this is possible using the following: Action: android.intent.action.VIEW  Data: [The URL to go to]  Package: [non-defailt browser] Target: Activity Can this somehow be implemented using join so that it would open Chrome on the destination device even though it is not the default browser? Currently, I export my link in tasker and copy it to the clipboard.  I then send this clipboard using Join to my phones. I then have to open Chrome and paste my clipboard URL. Thanks.

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    call history in Join

    Karunelli Music · 0 · Posted

    Please add a feature in JOIN to get Call History!!

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    Highlight and copy SMS message text

    Andreas Toth · 0 · Posted

    I wish it was possible to highlight text in an SMS message and copy it, especially in the Windows 10 app, but this should be consistent behaviour across the board

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    Blacklist text notifications per contact

    Jack Arnold · 0 · Posted

    It'd be nice if we could stop notifications on a per-contact basis - I use join at work and there are some messages I would not want synced to my PC.


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    Progress bar for file transfers

    Ashur Shamon · 0 · Posted

    I think adding a progress bar on the chrome extension for file transfers, sort of like how pushbullet does it, would be a good idea. Also one for the app as well.

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    Fix ArgumentNullException on Windows 10 app

    Max Pixel · 1 · Last reply by Max Pixel

    I logged into the Windows 10 app before I logged in on my phone, and it gave this error:

    Error loading devices: System.ArgumentNullException: ArgumentNull_Generic Arg_ParamNam_Name, source. For more information visit at Join!<BaseAddress>+0x749959 --- End of stack trace from previous location where exception was thrown ---     at System.Runtime.ExceptionServices.ExceptionDispatchInfo.Throw()     at SharedLibrary!<BaseAddress>+0x4d5ce0     at SharedLibrary!<BaseAddress>+0x4d5c68     at SharedLibrary!<BaseAddress>+0x4d5c27     at Join!<BaseAddress>+0x954dbd

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    On Android, add the option to display notifications from my phone on my tablet, without the content of the SMS in the notification, like on Windows.

    Joshua Tretakoff · 0 · Posted

    When using an Android powered tablet that has Join on it, the SMS notification always has the content in it. This can be troublesome in a work environment. Instead, it would be wonderful to have the option to get a notification an SMS has come in without the content of the message. This is an option on Windows 10; love to see it extended to Android.

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    Local WiFi Join, without Internet

    Rahul Punyani · 0 · Posted


    I think a Local WiFi connection without internet for Join will be very practical and useful...

    I think there's a heavy use of join to connect devices which are not on us, but still within reach.

    Like, mirroring notifications to PC, when my phone is in other room. Or sending file to multiple devices while working on a project. And getting it in few secs or getting notified of incoming calls or SMS.

    I think a Local WiFi without internet connection can be perfect for such use. As data won't be send to external servers, So no doubt about