More Emoji Support To & From and Better Images - Chrome App

Currently you get black boxes when you receive emoji's. You can send  them via the Chrome app now but they looks dull. Can we someone grab all the Android one's and use the actual emoji's and have them show up correctly on send and receive? 

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Here is the list of emojis I can receive and send from the Chrome application.

Is that normal ? I have the latest version of Chrome.


Are you on Windows 7 perhaps?

I just checked on my Windows 7 machine and this is exactly what I see as well.  I forgot to check my Windows 10 machine last night, but I recall it being the same as that image -- a limited list and not in colour.

Yes, I am on Windows 7.

It could explain the problem, but I thought this had nothing to do with the OS since the application is running in Chrome.

Chrome doesn't provide the available emojis, the OS itself does that :) Unfortunately Windows 7 only supports those old emojis, sorry!

Can you show me how that looks for you? I get full color emojis myself.

Are you maybe using Windows 7? That would explain the lack of emojis