Battery Percentage and Memory Status

Want to check out battery percentage and memory status of the device from the Crome extension.

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This is now available with the latest beta: https://plus.google.com/+Jo%C3%A3oDias/posts/ZE2SJcNreSa

Can you put the 2 digit battery percentage either within the chrome extension or in the popout box?

Is the popout box even necessary if you can display all the info on the device's icon within the extension?

Otherwise, looks great! Love the animation and the charging status icon

Yeah, the popout box is necessary to show a bit more info then just the battery level. And yeah, I will add the battery percetage somewhere in the popout thanks :D

This is work in progress now :) https://plus.google.com/+Jo%C3%A3oDias/posts/AqxTLdiBXez

Any suggestions?

can you add this feature to windows 10 app as well?