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Hey! Quick request. Is it possible to have join display the battery percentage of the phone? I often plug my phone in in one room and take my laptop to another, texting and checking notifications from Join all the while. I'd love to be easily able to see how charged the phone is from my ass in another room, if possbile.



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Phil, that's not the exact same amount :) Look closely.

But yeah, the external storage is probably being reported wrong. thanks!

This is now available with the latest beta: https://plus.google.com/+Jo%C3%A3oDias/posts/ZE2SJcNreSa

Phil. I don't know if you saw the updated: you can now remotely change settings in the popup. Does maybe a button for settings another one for just the battery status make sense?

Oh I just saw! This is great!!! 

I think I have a bug with it though... the external storage is coming back as the exact same amount as internal storage http://imgur.com/eyYnnPZ 

Phil, but that's what happens with this dialog, right? :) Or don't you like it being a popup?

Yeah, not really a fan of the pop-up.  The info it looks like it will give is at-a-glance info anyways.  For example, I'm working on my desktop on [whatever]....  if I wanted to check my Chromebook battery really quick to see if I need to charge it before heading out, I would quickly look in my join window in one click.  Making a new pop-up window doubles the number of clicks necessary to get back to my original state of working on [whatever].

I really don't want to make the battery percentage show up right away because that would mean that the battery status would have to be sent every time the window popped up, which means that a lot more battery drain would happen on the phone. Hope you understand.

Definitely understandable, but couldn't you make a refresh button so that the battery meter is only queried in a click ?

Is there a battery status indicator that can be added to the browser toolbar?  I'd like to have the battery percentage be glance-able as I find I take advantage of it far more than having to click through a menu. Hard for me to watch the video on my small phone so I'm not seeing all the details.  Sorry if this is already there.


I've seen in your forum some people ask if storage percentage could be handled the same way.  That would be cool too.  Although it wouldn't bother me at all if I accessed storage percentage via a menu as that number fluctuates much less often than battery percentage.

I've started working on this now :)

Another option is to let system.ui make pushes on join, you'll gett notified when your battery is low then. :)

A workaround:

You use Tasker to listen for a command, "battery", for example. You set this command as default in Join settings (Chrome). You make Tasker send a push with the current battery level.

Hope this helps a little :)