Chrome > Right Click > To many computers / sessions

It should be cool to identicate better the different computers, instead of the chrome sessions, which are not really helpful

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Ok, I understand.

If I have 2 computers : computer1 and computer2.

> with the same chrome session open "myChrome", in both computers

> from another computer, i choose join > Paste selection on myChrome.

Where will it be pasted on the computer clipboard ? computer 1, computer 2, or both ?



Chrome Sessions > a user session in Chrome.

If you have several computers and devices, and several chrome users, it's really messy.

You should just chose the computer/device, and then the full menu (paste, open, create notif..).

Screenshot : https://cloudup.com/c7nkuOaqk8J

That's how it used to work, but then people asked me to implement it this way :)

As for the confusing names, you should rename Chrome to something else so you can differentiate.

2 Computers won't have the same "session". Each will be its own device so you can paste in each individually. Hope this clarifies it.

Hi there. Can you please clarify what you mean by "Chrome Sessions"? Thanks in advance