Chrome extension allow paste of picture from clipboard

I looked around and couldn't find a duplicate of this. My apologies if I didn't find it.

I would love to be able to take a screenshot on my computer that is saved in the clipboard and then be able to paste that image into the Chrome Extension. 

I know that I can get around this by saving the image and then attaching the image to the conversation, but it would be very helpful to just be able to "paste" the image into the conversation.

Thanks for all of your hard work!

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This would be supergreat! :)

I just came here to request this exact feature. Would be really convenient to paste directly to a conversation and send as MMS.
I hope it's still planned. 🙂

This would be a great feature add.  I use this all the time on Google Hangouts from my PC, and would live to be able to do the same from Join.  

Its been 9 months and we are still waiting. Plz enable this feature

Hi.  Unfortunately there are other more voted issues I need to address first. Hope you understand.

Bump. I am coming from Pushbullet which had this feature. I may go back for this feature since I use it so often.

I really need this feature as well.

I would love this feature as well. This is an awesome feature if available.

OMG i have raised a similar request as i see here. @joao kindly refer even My post before you are working on this feature

Here is My original post

Paste jpg from desktop clipboard and send it across devices or option to take a screenshot and share it instantly

I miss this feature badly as I always wanted to share images on browser to my phone instantly. I do accept we have an feature to download the image directly to my devices using the right click over image, But that doesn't works on all the sites

Yes, this feature would be great. I copy and paste GIFs and screenshots to people all the time on Pulse, it be great to have that feature on Join too!

Thanks :) Seems like it's doable!

Pls!! do it ASAP I'm already starving for this feature :D