Auto (or optional) hide return button in sms view (it can block text)

It would be nice if the "return" button in the SMS view would hide (maybe just a little symbol next to refresh/settings). It can be a hassle with it there. Below is the view of a text I received. I cannot scroll up or down, since there is only on page. So that means (unless I've missed something, and that is entirely possible) that there is no way to see the contents of this text?


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Agree - think text would still be covered up. could you drop ALL text below the sender information?


If the messages come in from the bottom, then the back button will only block older messages which you can then scroll to see if you need to :)

Wasn't an issue until my fist message from a new number :)

Thanks a lot!

Hmm, interesting, sorry for the trouble! I'll fix this by making messages appear from the bottom instead of from the top. Thanks!

Wait, unless I'm not understanding this, wouldn't that just make the latest message hidden behind the "return" button (like if the button was at the bottom; you can't scroll longer than to the latest message)?