Type of phone number when texting or calling

It would be helpful to know what type of number when texting or calling. I only noticed this when I got my new phone since I did not restore my SMS messages. When calling or creating a SMS there is no way to know what kind of number it is making it impossible to know what to text or call unless you have the numbers memorized 

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Came here to request this, see it was request 2 years ago, but no implementation or word on this at all.  Some feedback from the DEV would be nice on this.

It will be implemented eventually :) Just a question of when.

Please implement.

Yep, really need to be able to see / select what type of number to be used.  better yet, have a setting for SMS that only shows mobile numbers.

Otherwise, this is a truly AMAZING app!

The only trouble with your additional recommendation is if you have a contact with multiple numbers and you don't save the number as 'mobile', but save it as 'other' or something different.

When it's an optional setting and not a requirement it's an enhancement. For those that don't keep their data clean you don't enable it. For those that do, it's an enhancement :)

Another option is to filter this to only show mobile numbers.

Yes, yes,  yes

Yeah, search for a name and you get 5 numbers...no way to tell which one is the mobile. So basically it's only useful for continuing conversations, not starting new ones.


Since I am a newbie here, I want to start out by saying that this is an amazing app.  I don't want to sound ungrateful.  I could never build anything like this app.  

That said, originating SMS from the PC is almost unusable because everybody I know has multiple phone numbers, yet not all phone numbers are mobile phones - and hence I cannot send text messages to those numbers.  When I click on the pencil icon I don't know which phone number to choose when I want to send them a text.  

When I send a text message directly from my phone, it is easy to know which number to send an SMS to because Google allows us to label each phone number (such as Work or Home or Mobile) when we create the contact in our phone.

I would appreciate this same functionality in this app.

Thank you!

This needs to be upvoted to death. Was going to post it myself, but found this one. Need to get more traction for this request. Kudos, Tom.

This is an absolute must - Often you will have contacts with multiple numbers, some of which cannot receive text messages.