integration with chrome remote desktop

simple integration with chrome remote desktop.


i use it with all the same devices.  same accounts. why not have that right in my join interface.   convenience.

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maybe I can make even more clear...


under devices along with the "send current tab.."  and "paste clipboard to..." actions would be a "open CRD connection to this device" and "open vysor connection to this device"


I use CRD to remote mainly from my android devices to one of my pc's..  or one pc to another..  same devices I use Join on.  Also, I use the same google account for Join as CRD.  

when I open CRD I see a list of devices (similar to Join).  I click a device, i connect to that device remotely and have full control of that device.

I am suggesting simple integration that would allow me to open a CRD connection to a CRD and Join enabled device from inside the Join interface (because I like it, and join is open and I am using it anyway, and it would be convenient to have access to both simultaneously).

if you are not familiar with CRD I highly recommend trying it.

please see the attached andoid screen grabs from my drive....  hopefully that helps you to visualize my meaning.   "why should these two things be seperate?"




Thanks for the interest...

stretching further now......  I also use another chrome extension and andoid app - Visor, that would be convenient if integrated into Join in a similar way as aforementioned.  Visor is a screen mirroring app that does the same as CRD but in reverse.  Mirrors android with full control to your PC.    Handy for testing apps and playing games.  also good for recording android screen directly onto PC. 

Hi there. Can you please clarify what you mean? Is there any other example of the integration you mention? thanks