Ability to choose where to place "Join files" folder in Google Drive?

Be able to choose to move the "Join files" folder in Google Drive from "My Drive" to another folder in My Drive, such that it would be "My Drive" > "Some Example Folder Name" > "Join files".

I use Google Drive for everything I do on my computer, navigating folders constantly on my computer throughout my day, and having another folder for Join is really frustrating. I would like to be able to hide it within my "Misc" folder to remove clutter.

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I agree. , are you going to give a customization option to move this folder?

Yes, I will eventually :)

Is this really an issue? I've tested by moving the Join folder to an existing or newly created directory and not had a problem. 

I second this.

I try out different ROMs on weekends sometimes and find that I keep getting more and more "Join Files" directories in my Google Drive (currently 6) and I presume these are all from different installations of Join on my various devices somehow tied to the currently installed ROMs instance of Google Play Services.

There doesn't seem to be a user friendly way of merging them or at least hiding them inside a user-chosen parent folder. If I missed something and this is currently possible please let me know, if not this would be a wonderful feature to add.

Thanks Joao!

That's actually a bug :) This will fix that issue: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/9787157/apk/Join.apk

Hope this helps.