Ability to hide Join files/folders

Using Join can really clutter up the recent files list making it unusable. I've been getting around this by using stars and search in Drive but recent comes in really handy.

This could be done by using an Application Data folder in Drive. https://developers.google.com/drive/v3/web/appdata


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I want to add my voice to this vote as I would *LOVE* to not have the Recent view in Google Drive cluttered with the sms info from the JoinFiles folder.

You mention that the Android part is done and " Files can now be hidden from user view when I enable the option." I'm using Join on a Samsung Note 9 - is this an option that is available to me? If so, where do I find it?

Thanks so much!

Agreed. Please makes these files in my Recent list go away. Totally destroys a nice feature of Google Drive.

The Android part is done. Files can now be hidden from user view when I enable the option. The problem is now detecting whether the files are hidden or not in all other devices. I'll have to work on that now.

Please, my OCD is driving me crazy about this :) 
You could make it optional if for some reason people prefer to have these folder visible.
Just please add the option to hide these application files like in any other app that uses google drive to store its files. 

This would also help with the push images showing up in Google Photos. Thanks!

OMG, this would be so nice.  Recents full of files like:

  • sms=:=caf999999999999
  • lastsms=:=caf9999999999999
  • pushes=:=caf99999999999

So many of these that recents become useless.