Upload SMS only when connected to WiFi

When an SMS comes in and the phone is not connected to WiFi it uses data connection to upload SMS when there's no need for it as no computers or other devices are present/available. There should be an option to only upload/sync SMS when connected to WiFi as to not waste data pointlessly. 

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@BL There is a setting now for this. The setting allows you to choose to Snyc notifications only over Wifi and you can even select which Wifi Networks it will sync on.

Granted, this function is limited to Notifications only but that is the main item that syncs without user interaction that I know of.


Couldn't seem to find that anywhere in the app this morning. Do I find that in account settings via chrome on a PC?


Oddly enough that setting was already enabled on my device. 

However even when wifi is turned off I get a a little flash in the notification drop down that join is uploading every time I send a message.

In fact I just told it only to use my home network, turned wifi off, sent myself a message, and it popped up on my pc.

Some sort of malfunction?

After about a year has there been any progress made towards supporting this? 

Not yet sorry. There are other higher priority issues to attend to first. Hope you understand.

No worries. Is there perhaps a way for Tasker to completely disable/re-enable Join as a workaround?

Yep, you can do it with Tasker :) Use the Join Settings action for that.

Agreed, but can be expanded. See this other topic that is the same idea but a little more elaborate. As they are suggesting you should have control over how alerts are sent based on scenario of network connection,



I guess I assumed that join only worked over a local network. Today I noticed that with every SMS sent join uploads it in the background. I'm sure there isn't much data being used but I limit pretty much all syncing traffic to WiFi only on my device to get a monthly discount on my wireless plan. 

Would love to see a WiFi only seeings for join in the future. 

Regardless, love join. Second only to Tasker.

@BL In the Phone App under Notifications. Settings -> Notifications -> Advanced