Use WhatsApp on another Phone like SMS

Would be great if its possible to answer on a synced notification from whatsapp on another phone. Just like with SMS.

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No, I can't answer from another phone to a whatsapp conversation.

But do you receive whatsapp notifications there at all?

Yes. I receive the notification on my 2nd phone. But when I tap on that notification my phone asks me what to do (open browser etc.). I can't answer

And if you expand the notification? Does it not have a "Reply" button? What Android versions are your phones running?

from another phone? Well, no. My phone asks me how to open the notification. Its not possible like with SMS in a Window on the app

Yes, it won't open a separate window with the Whatsapp conversation, but it still allows you to reply. Right?

You can already do this. Is it not working for you?