Auto-mute join notifications

If the device sending the notifications is on silent, then it would be good to have an option for received notifications to be automatically muted.



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The option is under the android app's settings -> notifications

Found it!

The feature is already in the beta. It'll be released for everyone once I release the beta for everyone :) BTW, I've made it optional now, and disabled it by default.


hope this helps

Great! :) Thanks

Though I believe I'm already running the beta and haven't seen the option?

hmm, yeah, maybe making it optional would be helpful... I'll keep it like this for now and see if there's demand for making it optional. The least amount of options there are the better :P

Okay cheers!

So does this feature need support before it would be added to the main release?

Thanks, this is perfect! Any plans to add it into the main version of the app with a toggle?