Delete pushes via web interface and more

I'm trying to ditch Pushbullet and Join seems like a great alternative, however there are some things that are still binding me to Pushbullet.

1 - The ability to delete pushes via web interface (extension). I can view the full push history of a device (which is great) but if I was able to delete individual pushes like I can in the mobile version, that would be great.

2 - https://joaoapps.helprace.com/i15-guaranteed-delivery-even-if-receiving-device-is-offline-or-powered-down#show_add_comment_form_22942 - This does not seem to work 100%, some pushes are still lost when sending them to an offline device.

3 - Sometimes when deleting (swiping) a push using the mobile app, and then clicking the arrow to go back, the push stays there and just doesn't get deleted.

Thank you for reading,

Keep up the great work,

Cumps :)