Sync SMS Content After Deleting SMS Thread

Currently, if i deleted some SMS thread on the phone, the 'SMS/Phone' tab on chrome extension still shows the old SMS thread. If i want to make them sync, i have to re-toggle 'SMS and Call Service' from Android app.

Please fix this, so that it sync automatically.


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Hopefully this is being worked on.

Just so you know, you can sync deleted SMS by disabling and re-enabling the SMS service in the Join Android app inside the Settings. Thanks!

True, and I have done that many times. But it's not a particularly good solution, and certainly not in line with all the elegant features of Join. 

Agreed    at least let me delete a thread   otherwise,  have so many outdated threads that just sit there.  Thank you

Or, just let me delete a thread in Chrome, and only bring it back if i send a new text there?