Local Connection File Transfer


Currently, sending files requires uploading and then downloading from Google Drive.


However, a local connection seems far more efficient.

For example, if both devices are connected to the same network then it will be a simple local connection transfer. It will be faster since it won't require upload and it will also download using the wireless speed.

And if it detects that the devices aren't using the same connection then it can be either a pop-up triggers to notify that it will require remote transfer, or it can happen automatically.


Local connection can be used in various ways, and for file transferring I feel it is efficient.

Will appreciate your thoughts!

Thanks! (^ ^)

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Sending files to an android connected to the same wifi should be a breeze

I don't think that would be possible either unfortunately.

Unfortunately this wouldn't work for sending files to Chrome, but it could work for files sent to Android :)

What about sending the files to the Windows App?

Awesome! This would mean I can transfer big files although my Google Drive is almost full

maybe a windows client like in the app KDEconnect would be a solution