How about a native mac app !

As a professional apple computer user i absolutely cant stand the limitations of apples ios for their mobile devices.  Hence why i have been a huge android fan for over a decade now.  Is there a way we can get Join to run natively on mac computers?   I will beta test and help out as much as i can to make this happen if possible! 

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maybe the new "chrome progressive web app  (PWA)" could be a solution too

In deed this is sorely missed on mac. I'm an xcode programmer, not all skilled, but let me know if I can be of any assistance making this happen.

"Join" is a nice idea. It's even kinda working. But for Mac Users more or less useless, since Chrome stopped the "Chrome Apps" - and an Extension is not really the proper way to do such App.

Right now, the Notifications on Mac disappears after 2 sec (dont know why) and after that, there is no visual indicator outside of Chrome.... kinda alpha state, no?

Plus this thread is 1 freakin Year old.. so i guess there is no native App coming.. Nice Idea, bad execution.

Not gonna happen, that i'll pay for that at this state

I would definitely love that! Would be much easier use than the Chrome extension

def would love a native mac app, chrome app is great but I hate having to open chrome to use it. plus native notifications/quick replies would be wonderful

Yes please! With native notifications and replies! Would def be willing to pay extra.

It would be awesome!

I switched back to Chrome so I can use it on my Mac... Wouldn't say no to a native app :) 

Yes! I completely agree with your post. The chrome extension works well, but chrome is definitely a power hog, and so I try to move as many of my applications away from that. A native mac app would be great.