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Any news on iOS support? I know you have a lot going on but it would be great to be able to put Join on my iPad.

Sorry, with Tasker and all the other apps on my hands I just can't find the time lately :(

Any progress updates on this?

Noy yet sorry, just this: https://plus.google.com/+Jo%C3%A3oDias/posts/Buqr2eeuiEq

Would it be better than Pushbullet?

An honest answer would be it depends on your perspective.

However, my answer is... You're talking about Join by Joao so OFC! And I find features that I love in Join and are simply exclusive to Join ^ ^

I've actually now started working on this! 



That would be awesome ! Android got Airdroid, Pushline, Pushbullet and the likes... But nothing really works well on iOS. I'm using iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OS daily. Devs often consider that if you're using an iPad, you're Apple in everything which ain't true. I think iOS doesn't let access to notifications so it won't be able to push that way. But having you're phone's notification on the tablet, replying to sms would be great. 

I think this is the main problem with iOS. Due to the walled garden approach of Apple, functionality tends to be much more limited for apps such as this one.

I feel the pain... I use and Android phone, an iPad, and two windows laptops (work/private). I keep getting bitten by this assumption, with interesting services being not available on iOS, or for nothing BUT iOS. 

I really hope Join comes there.