Adding Whatsapp tab integration

Since Join Chrome extension has replying capabilities to number of messaging apps, i would love to see the option to add a new tab on the Join window of Whatsapp for example. It will be neat to have the ability to access all my messages and interact with them and not just replying ability.

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Unfortunately there's no way to start a conversation through WhatsApp. You can reply to messages with the currently available APIs.

Whatsapp already has an amazing web interface.. what's this option provide that your phone doesn't?

Addressing this request however, it would be amazing to give the Whatsapp interface (reading, replying, etc) to tablets, which don't have a seamless way of interacting with the content

It is true that Whatsapp has Great interface however what i want from Join app is the ability to create new message and not just replying. Don't really want to open another page, I would love to have All in One App.