Ability to share/read sms with Google Assistant/Home

It seems like something Google Assistant/Home should be able to do by now but. I request being able to connect to Google Assistant/Home to read unread sms messages via text to speech.

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If you use Tasker you can do this right now using Tasker and AutoCast :)

I tried using Tasker and Autocast but Autocast doesn't allow for Variables such as %SMSRN (Text from name) or %SMSRB (Text Body) Ideally I would want to create the following:

Ok Google Do I have any unread messages?

Yes you have %NUMBERSMSUNREAD (or something similar), would you like to hear them? 


Ok First Message is from %SMSRM received %SMSRD: %SMSRB

Would you like to reply? Yes/No if No Do you want to continue ?

If Yes, Ok what's the reply? 

Can this be done?