Add TIMEOUT to API flags

Request to add TIMEOUT option to the API for notifications.

With the TIMEOUT flag, you could send a notification to a phone and have it auto-dismiss after X seconds.  Ideally would accept argument between 1 and 86400 (1 day).

Use case is a message-of-the-day notification to all devices, with status of important things (storage space available, calendar summary, weather forecast, what-have-you data only valid for X seconds).  Right now if a device is left on a charger for a few days the MOTDs stack up and still sit there, even though the information is useless since it's old.  With TIMEOUT, you'd be able to specify that the notification auto destructs after X seconds.

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Oh, sorry, you're right! My mistake, that doesn't actually work, sorry. I'll have to add that then! Thanks

Ooo!  More buttons!  More knobs!  :D

Have you considered using notification ids so that old notifications are overlapped by the newer ones? :)

????  Notification IDs are not listed in the Join API.  ( https://joaoapps.com/join/api/ )  How do you use them & what's the syntax?