Allow me to shortcut key directly to SMS/Phone tab globally

As a Join user on the desktop

I want to get directly to the SMS/Phone tab right from the keyboard with one key-combo.

In order to see new messages or create/send a new message

Likely implementation: Add another Extension Shortcut to go directly to SMS/Phone tab.

Use case: I have this always open so would be useful to be able to set a Extension Shortcut to go right to SMS/Phone tab. I'm already using Favorite for something else (paste clipboard). Extension Shortcuts are "cheap" and only add user complexity if used so maybe add one for each tab, but at least for SMS/Phone tab. Seems it would be easy-ish/config mainly.

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The problem is that Chrome only allows for a limited number of shortcuts for each extension (5 I believe), but I'll give this some consideration, thanks!