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Add ability to sort list of device in a account or make it scrollable

I have many devices in my list, because I use some of them with different OS and/or browsers. Some I of that devices I use more often than others, but if I reinstall OS or browser that (new) device is listed at the end of the list. 

Especially on my phone I have the problem, that a device appears out of screen and is not usable, when I copy some text and want to share it with that devices at he bottom of the list. So it would help if I could put my most recent used devices at the top of the list or even better when I could scroll to the end of the list. 

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You can disable devices that show up on that list by going in Join -> Settings -> Pushes -> Advanced -> Disable Direct Share

Hope this helps!

Really, just a simple answer and you close a feature request without waiting for feedback? 

NO, it does not help, because all these devices are all active! 

Sorry, I did that just so I didn't forget it in case you were satisfied with the solution. :)

Is disabling the devices not a good solution for you, then, correct?

Yes, disabling is no solution for me!