Close all notifications at once

Great app!  Sometimes I have a list of 8 or 12 notifications pop-up - it would be nice to have an option to close or dismiss 'all' notifications at once, instead of having to click on each one individually. 



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Dismissing them from within Join does not dismiss them from the desktop. Since we can dismiss them individually from desktop, why can't we dismiss all?  Also, is there a way to do this without chrome? 

Ok, I've now fixed it. On version 1.8.6 of the Chrome extension they will now be removed from the desktop when using the button to dismiss all.

About why you can't do it natively, you'll have to ask Google ;) I can't control the way Chrome handles its notifications, sorry.

We are using the chrome extension.  The notifications are shown on the right side of the windows desktop,  from bottom up. 

I see. If you open the Join popup there's a button to dismiss all there :)

Unfortunately there's no way to add that to the chrome notifications themselves since that's part of the Chrome UI.

Hi, do you mean in Chrome?