Display who sent the MMS rather than the entire member of the group for each message

When in an MMS chat, the name above the message should be the person who sent the message rather than all the members if the MMS group. For instance, on the Textra messaging app on the phone, the name is displayed for the person who sent the message

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The Chrome extension displays the sender above each message, this needs to be added to all the various apps (for me the Android and Web Apps are most important).  It is impossible to follow a conversation if you don't know who is saying what.

Thank you. That already happens in the Chrome extension though. Do you mean in the Android app?

i didn't realize it did that now.  great!

Could you please post a screenshot of how that looks like? Thanks in advance!


edited the content of the MMS but the picture shows how First and Last names are included for each text bubble

Yes!  Textra does it well and Join could use a change