Ability to delete text messages and/or conversations from Join history

I regularly use manual work-arounds to remove text messages and conversations from the Join SMS history.  A method to do this from within the app/Chrome extension would be a great convenience.

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I very much agree we need a solution for this.  Even if for now maybe an automatic overnight refresh option?  It certainly beats having to toggle and untoggle the SMS setting in the Join app.

I agree as well.  Also, the toggle is a decent work-around, but only if you want to clear EVERYTHING.

I can't even get the toggle work-around to work.

@ -- are the SMS messages on your default SMS app deleted or archived?  I think Join will see the active messages AND the archived.  I could be wrong, though.

@Michael - the archived could be the exact issue.  I just realized they are not deleted, but archived which would make total sense as to why the work-around isn't clearing my messages in Chrome Extension.

It would be nice to be able to delete threads from Join (not necessarily delete them from the device as joaomgcd has explained that is impossible) without having to use the disable enable in settings. That seems like a hacky workaround rather than a true feature to delete/hide threads I'm no longer using like automated sign in verification text threads, or even just old threads I don't want in join.

I've also discovered that after deleting an SMS thread on mobile/source device (say in the case of msg spam), Join chrome/web app keeps the message in the SMS list, which you'd think isn't the desired behavior.

To let Join know that you deleted a message go to app settings and disable then reenable SMS. This is similar to a refresh.