APP price should show correct currency sign locally

Join is such a terrific APP, super, I love it and wanna made the payment earlier, but I found it showed the price on the confirm payment page was "$166" and I was shocked by the amount, cos I can't believe it costs this much!!
The amount shows the only dollar sign "$" didn't tell which currency, usually ppl may think it's in US dollar instead Taiwan dollar.
I go to your homepage, to confirm how much exactly the APP costs, and I found it on ur description page of Google Play, it says "$4.99".
So I realize the "$166" was in Taiwan dollar, instead USD, but it really so confusing.
Could you kindly suggest Google to add correct currency sign on it, like "$NTD166" or "$USD4.9" otherwise it could scare away those ppl who love your APP and wanna support you.
the screen snap can't show correctly, if above pix can't be seen, plz go to http://imgur.com/a/GJfVK.
the pix shows the amount of the price after I've paid it, it's in Taiwan dollar currency, but would you think so at first place? Ha.